Vaping and electronic cigarettes – How are they better for your health?

Now that we are all aware of the harmful side-effects of smoking tobacco cigarettes, more and more people are looking for alternatives which can at least bless them with a healthy life. While tobacco cigarettes have already been linked with cancer, lung diseases and other cardiovascular problems, this is why electronic cigarettes have become extremely popular among the youth and smoker adults. As there are many people who are not able to decide whether or not they should vape electronic cigarettes or continue smoking tobacco cigarettes, here we present to you few of the ways in which vaping is considered as healthier and safer than smoking.

Increased Americans are smoking less than before

If you consider the numbers of Americans who have reduced smoking, you will find the numbers to be encouraging enough. Just 12% of the people in America smoked in the year 2017 and despite the growth of population, there is still a net drop in the total number of American smokers. What is the reason behind this gradual and eventual decline of the total number of smokers?

There are several campaigns that have been done against smoking, there have been increased taxes, a ban on advertising cigarettes and multiple anti-smoking campaigns which endorse a healthy lifestyle and warn people about the health impacts of smoking. There are also a host of products like prescription drugs, gums, nicotine patches, lollipops and lozenges which are there to help people in quitting smoking.

The coolest trend called vaping

Though electronic cigarettes and vape pens came into the scene for the past decade, now it has become the coolest trend among the young generation. Before investing in vape pens, you should choose to go through the reviews at so that you get to know what the other clients have to say about the product.

The vape pens are cigarette lookalikes which comprise of a cartridge, an LED light and a battery. When you turn on, the e-liquid is heated up and this releases an aerosol mist which is the vapor that is produced. This is why it is called vaping and not smoking. The chemicals like vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol are the chemicals which are used to vaporize the nicotine.

What are the consequences of vaping and ditching smoking? Whenever you ditch smoking and start vaping, you will witness the health benefits after few weeks of leaving tobacco cigarettes. Therefore, get help of the online sites to know the pros and cons of vape pens.