Expert Advice On How To Prevent And Treat Spider Veins

Every day, medicine brings something new to the table in the form of improvements to how certain conditions are treated. What was not possible 15 years ago, today can be a routine procedure. A big number of the population suffers from varicose veins, it is not necessarily a condition that poses a direct threat to life, but it sure something that requires your attention in both prevention and treatment.

Seeing a number of people having this issue, both old and young, I decided to find out more at the They were kind enough to share their knowledge on how to deal with the condition, and how to adjust some of your habits to help you cope better.

What Exactly Are Varicose Veins?

Varicose or spider veins can appear, usually on the legs, when there’s too much pressure on that particular part of the body, preventing the blood from flowing normally which causes the veins to bulge, dilate and swell.

This can appear in people who stand or sit a lot. Some of the symptoms are a feeling of pressure, itchiness, and burning. The skin can also get drier and thicker and cause further irritation. Blood clots and hemorrhage can be caused by spider veins, and in more extreme cases, venous thrombosis.

There are ways to treat this condition, both surgically and with proper care, yet the best way is to prevent them in the first place by attempting to live a healthier life with regular physical activity.

Be More Active

Physical activity is important throughout the entire life. Not only does it make you feel better but it stimulates various processes in your body that regulate a range of activities needed for a functional and healthy life. Varicose veins can appear when standing or sitting for a long time with little to no movement.

If your work requires you to sit for 8 hours straight, you should add to the routine to get up and walk as much as possible, maybe not use the elevator, but stairs, you could also park your car a bit further when you come to work and have a nice morning walk to the office.

There are also exercises you can do while sitting because you need to allow the blood to circulate normally.  You can stretch, get up from the chair and try to touch your feet with your hands. You can also do a series of jumping jacks which is perfect cardio for smaller spaces.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Fashion is great, but sometimes looking trendy is not very healthy. Tight jeans look really good but wearing it too often causes unnecessary constriction which is not generally good for the blood flow.

Extended hours of wearing high heels can also be risky for your legs. You should choose more comfortable and loose clothes, especially during the summer when temperatures can get really high and your body needs more breathing room.

Practice Regular Massage

Physical activity mixed with regular massage therapy is a great way to prevent and treat spider veins. There are also various oils you can apply to sooth the whole process and reduce the pain. You need to be careful though, too much pressure during the massage can cause damage.

Nutrition Correction

It is good to do a checkup every now and then, and adjust your nutrition accordingly. If you suffer from varicose veins it is recommended to avoid salty food as it stimulates water retention in your body. You need to focus more on fish, beans, almonds, potatoes, in other words, any food that contains potassium.