Substituting Your Everyday Meals with Homemade Shakes

Substituting Your Everyday Meals with Homemade Shakes

There are so many ways to lose weight or to achieve optimum health. Some people go to the gym for faster results while others go jogging or bike riding. But all this is time consuming and requires a lot of energy. For people who have no time for the gym, homemade healthy meal replacement shakes come in handy as they act as a substitute to one of your three essential meals in a day.

If you are looking for steady progress, replacing one or two of your meals with a homemade shake could prove worthwhile. The best healthy meal replacement shakes are those made individually. This is due to the fact that the individual knows exactly what the body needs and thus can balance out the shake.

How To Make Homemade Meal Replacement Shakes

Making a homemade meal replacement drinks is an easy process but it needs you to be very cautious of the levels of different vitamins, proteins and minerals you use, as this would make your shake much more effective and more nutritious than commercial supplements.

Using different plant-based sources to get proteins, such as soy beans or rice, is very important. This is because these contain high levels of protein which is the one of the main ingredients in your homemade meal replacement shake. Whey can also be used a source of proteins as it is very rich. Once that is taken care of, you can use Greek yoghurt as a protein base for your shake. Greek yoghurt is used because it is fat-free and has a very high calorie to gram of protein ratio. It is also a good source of other beneficial nutrients such as the calcium, and also has probiotic benefits. Commercial protein powder is also used as your protein base as it is high in protein levels, but this means the other ingredients all have to be fresh and natural.

Some people might prefer their homemade meal replacement drinks to contain fewer proteins. This can be achieved by using a different base for your shake. You could replace the fat-free Greek yoghurt, which is rich in protein, with another low-protein base such as regular yoghurt or dairy milk. Plant based milks from sources such as the soybean can also be used.

Homemade Shakes

Most commercial supplements use different sugar replacements or refined sugars for their products. But since this is a homemade meal replacement shake, you can use a natural fruit to sweeten your shake and thus make it tastier. Fruits like bananas are ideal for shakes as they add sweetness and thickness to the shake, bananas are also very nutritious, thus using bananas is highly recommended.

You can customize your homemade meal replacement drinks by switching it up so that you don’t get bored of the same taste over and over again. You can do this by adding berries to your shake. This will make the shake feel more like a smoothie. You can also make the homemade healthy meal replacement shake feel like a dessert by adding peanut butter to it or cocoa powder so that it has a chocolate taste.

With all these different ingredients in a blender, only one thing remains that adds the most flavor to the homemade meal replacement shake, although it itself is flavorless. Adding ice and blending it together with the final product gives you a very good tasting homemade meal replacement shake that is both nutritious and also very tasty.

Using Homemade Meal Replacement Shakes

Homemade meal replacement shakes have been credited to helping people achieve their weight loss goals. Having consistency in using weight loss shakes to replace meals could be very beneficial in a sense that, most normal meals don’t have the optimum amount of protein or calories that the body needs to be healthy and trigger the weight loss process.

Its either the meals have a lot of protein or insufficient in it. That’s why many doctors recommend homemade meal replacement shakes. The best meal replacement shakes definitely will also offer the best results.


Homemade meal replacement shakes come in handy for people who are very busy and occupied to do other forms of strenuous activities but want to keep fit and healthy or gradually lose weight.

The level of proteins and calories in your homemade shakes can affect the changes in your body weight and fat mass but it is always wise to consult your personal doctor and seek approval from them, as they are the specialists. Your doctor might also be able to recommend the best meal replacement shakes.