Ways to keep your spine healthy

Millions of people around the world suffer from back pain daily. Such pain can affect your living style like social gatherings, enjoying trips; if the condition is worsening it can affect the daily activities. Generally, it takes some time to diagnose the exact reason for back pain. One of the reasons for the back pain can be spine disc dislocation for such cases; the best treatment is plasma disc decompression. The early you take care of your spine the, chances of getting back and neck pain will reduce. Many steps can be followed to improve the health of your spine. There is nothing much one should just have to learn to move and turn them correctly. Below are some ways by which you can help to improve your spine health.

  • Let your spine get rest while sleeping: The time when you lie down to take rest is the time when your spine gets to relax after working hard for a whole day. That is the time when the spine takes rest and also gains energy for the next day. The main things, which can help the spine to get complete relaxation are, a good pillow and a bed. That allows the spin with good support and makes feel comfortable.
  • Always opt for medium-firm mattresses for your spine support. The old and soft mattress will not give them enough support needed by the spine as they will not be firm.

  • Getting a night of good sleep is very important to start the next day of your spine. If you are a back sleeper then keep a pillow under your knees which will reduce the pressure on the lower back. If you sleep on the side then place the pillow between your knees so that the hip is balanced. For some people, the neck pillow gives a lot of support.
  • Your shoes need to support your spine: One should have correct shoes either it is for daily exercise or regular office worn. You should remember that the shoe plays a vital role to support your lower back. Your leg should fit into the shoes correctly it should not be too tight or too loose. If you are not satisfied or comfortable with the normal shoes then you can go for shoe inserts which can give you more balance.
  • Enjoy the benefit of massage: Massage has many benefits like it improves blood circulation, relaxes your mind, and loosens the tight muscles, and many more. You don’t need to go for a vigorous massage to get relaxed, even the medium level of massage can give you stress relief. If you do not have an option to visit a massage center. Then you can buy a massage chair which can also give you some benefits. 


These are simple tricks that anyone can follow to support your spins and to have a healthy back.