Making your teeth white again

Making your teeth white again

With the amount of money spent on marketing teeth whitening products, it’s really surprising that many people don’t know how easy it can be to keep your teeth white. People believe that these products are necessary in order to regain that pearly shine and that can be true once the damage is done, but prevention is definitely better than a cure . It is possible to keep your teeth a healthy white color by following some simple steps. Obviously, the effects will differ from person to person, and this can be down to genetics, medical conditions or medications. Some people are just predisposed to getting yellow teeth, but if you follow the simple steps in this article you will, at the very least, give your teeth the best opportunity to remain white or at the very least, remain healthy.

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  • The first step for making your teeth white again is to avoid drinking dark drinks such as cola, tea, coffee and red wine as these contain tannins. If you can’t live without these, be sure to drink in moderation, let hot drinks cool a little before consumption and rinse the mouth with water afterwards. Brushing is not advised straight after acidic drinks as this can be more detrimental to the teeth causing erosion of the enamel.
  • The second important step, is to keep your teeth and gums healthy through a daily dental cleaning regimen. Brushing at least twice a day, flossing and using a suitable mouth wash. Finally, a visit to the dentist every six months to ensure that your teeth are healthy and to receive a scale and polish if required.
  • The third step is not to smoke. A common effect from smoking is yellow teeth as the tar and nicotine in the tobacco cause staining. Heavy or prolonged smokers have even reported a brown tinge to their teeth…not a good look!
  • Beware of chemicals that your teeth are exposed to. High levels of fluoride in your environment, such as your water supply or overuse of certain mouthwash or toothpaste can actually discolor your teeth.
  • Incorrect brushing technique. Brushing too vigorously can actual damage and wear down enamel. If you find the bristles on your toothbrush soon become bowed, you are probably guilty of this.
  • The aging process will naturally see the whiteness of your teeth deteriorate. Maintaining a health calcium rich diet and drinking through a straw are beneficial.

Below there are some easy but effective ways to regain that healthy looking smile.

–An increasingly popular technique is dental bleaching. The dentist will provide a pre-formed dental tray which will be filled with a gel containing peroxide.  This will sit on your teeth for up to an hour, often with the aid of a UV light to increase the activation time and intensity.  This kind of product can also be used at home, but always check the reputation of the products as some kits have been known to cause hyper sensitivity to the gums.

Before ordering anything on line, check whether the site has reviews and ideally look for before and after teeth whitening pictures

By buying substandard teeth whitening products at the very least you are wasting your money and at the very worst you could cause permanent damage to your dental health.

There are other at-home teeth whitening products that can reduce staining on your teeth. These products include whitening pens and there are a variety of whitening strips on the market. These options are not as high intensity as the whitening gel approach, so these can be a more suitable approach for those with sensitive teeth, cavities, fillings or those that are perhaps breast feeding.

–The interest in regularly maintaining white teeth has also led to the development of toothpastes and mouthwashes with whitening agents. These remedies can be added to your daily dental regime as a preventative measure.