It Does Matter Where You Purchase Your Aesthetics Equipment

People who work in the aesthetics field – whether in a salon or a medical clinic – are familiar with certain products used for liposuction, hair removal, and more. Purchasing these products is usually simple, since there are numerous reputable companies that make all of the high-quality products needed to do the jobs properly.

However, there are differences regarding the specifics of these machines, including the warranties offered with each. Where you purchase your equipment from is very important because of this. Most pieces of equipment come with warranties that usually last up to one year, but that aspect is changing today, thanks to a company called High Profiles Technologies Ltd (HPT), which now offers a full two-year warranty on all of their products. This is an industry-changing phenomenon that is sure to catch the attention of clinic, spa, and salon owners alike because it indicates that companies like this are in it for the long haul.

Products That Are Necessary for Technicians to Do Their Best

Whether you are the owner or employee of a salon, spa, clinic, or even a surgical centre, you are likely familiar with the operation and maintenance of certain pieces of equipment. Equipment can be purchased from any number of high-quality companies, and HPT offers well-made and functional equipment that includes:

  • LiteFLO IPL hair-removal machines, which offer pain-free hair removal and come in two different models
  • isoLipo machines in two different models, which offer a new technology called fat-freezing – a method that lowers the temperature of fat cells to -9°C, which eventually causes them to disappear
  • InteliBrite IPL hair-removal laser machines, in three high-resolution, coloured touch-screen models
  • Inkaway Nd:YAG professional tattoo removal machines, which work via a frequency-doubled laser beam and which produce excellent results
  • soniXsmooth digital skin-tightening machine, a brand new product that uses high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) to tighten skin on areas such as the neck and face without the hassles and potential complications of an incision


All of these machines use the latest technological advances to produce the results that people have come to expect when they enter a dermatology clinic or spa. In most cases, the equipment is offered on a lease-to-own basis at very affordable per week or per month rates. Companies such as HPT are easy to work with, and even offer extensive training and excellent customer service after the machine arrives at your office. Their payment terms are reasonable, and the company is there for you should you have any questions or concerns about your product at any time.

Two-Year Warranties Are Standard with HPT

Many companies that offer these types of products make sub-standard products, or exist only for a short time and offer short-term warranties (usually no more than 12 months). In addition, many of them set up their company, offer their short warranties, then close up shop when there are problems with their products and the complaints start coming. HPT, on the other hand, offers a full 24-month warranty on all of their products, because they have the utmost confidence in everything they make. The FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) regulates their company. This organisation regulates and monitors the financial services offered by many companies to make sure they meet certain ethical standards and guidelines. This certification is especially important when consumers are financing a product through a certain company, as it ensures that the company offering the financing is conducting their business properly and working within certain financial and national guidelines.

This is not to say that all companies offering a 12-month warranty are selling low-quality products or are an unreliable company. Many companies with warranties of all different lengths make high-quality, reasonably priced products. After all, the length of the warranty is only one aspect to consider when researching companies that sell aesthetics equipment. However, it is always a good idea to check out the company you are considering purchasing or leasing from to make sure that they are doing everything they say they are. This is a good overall rule for many reasons, in fact.


Advantages to Working with HPT

HPT is a company that offers a variety of products that are high in quality and very reasonably priced. Because they are regulated by the FCA – which also monitors a company’s marketing content – it may take a little longer than expected to get approval for financing your equipment. However, this is a small price to pay for receiving well-made products that are reasonably priced and easily financed.

The company also has many other benefits, such as certified personnel who will come out and train you to use all of their equipment. They will also schedule regular onsite visits by technicians who will check the accuracy of your equipment in order to keep it functioning the way it should. A qualified service team will visit you within 72 hours of a call for assistance, as well.

In fact, if you do have problems with your equipment during the two-year warranty period, HPT will come to your site and deal with the issue. You do not have to bring your equipment to them, which is a very big convenience when you are running a business that is as active and busy as most spas and medical clinics are.

Technicians and spa owners look for many things when considering which company to purchase their equipment from, and one of the main aspects they look at is the warranty offered by the company itself. Twelve-month warranties are fine, but two-year warranties are even better. Even though most machines are made by companies that only manufacture and sell top-notch products, things do occasionally happen that are out of the company’s control. If a product starts to act up 15 months after it is purchased, this can be a real problem. However, if you choose a company such as HPT, the two-year warranty assures you that the problem will be fixed so you can continue with your business, which provides excellent peace of mind for everyone involved.