Arthritis and resulting knee problems

Arthritis is one of the most common diseases that are seen in people across the globe. While it mostly shows up in people who have aged, sometimes due to complications, somebody as young as ten might also develop it.

Rheumatoid arthritis

One of the most commonly affected areas due to arthritis is knee joints. Why it is of fundamental focus is that when the knee joints get affected your entire mobility takes a back seat and that will harm your movement for the rest of your life. It has been seen that most of the Diagnosis of knee injuries that last a life time are due to arthritis. So this is a disease that one needs to be aware of and take proper care as and when needed.

What is arthritis?’

This is an umbrella term which covers all sorts of joint pain diseases. There are many reasons behind and it that depend on several factors, including factors which are not in our hand- like gene pool, race etc. The problem with arthritis is that once it sets in there is no going back. The disease keeps on growing. While its growth can be checked it cannot be cured and knees are the areas that get affected the most. So one needs to take proper care of themselves if they have been diagnosed with such a condition.

There are various types of arthritis each of which affects your knees differently. Here are some common arthritis types which can trouble your knee joints:

  1. Rheumatoid arthritis: This type is the most detrimental one since this is an autoimmune disease. Autoimmune diseases can never be cured and its symptoms might just come and go. So you will have really good years while some years will be quite painful. The knees are the joints that get affected the most due to this type and the severity of this condition generally increases with age.
  2. Osteoarthritis: This is the most common type of arthritis which results in weak bones and hence the capacity to carry less weight and hence the extra effort made by the weak joints to move, resulting in frail and fragile knees. Redness and swelling is the most common of all Symptoms and Signs of Knee Injuries most of which is due to osteoarthritis. You need get regular checkups in order to keep yourself active and keep the strength in your knees when you develop this condition.
  3. Pseudogout: This condition pretty badly affects the knee. It seems likes gout but is not exactly gout but is no less painful. You will need to go for regular physiotherapy and control your diet because of this.
  4. Septic arthritis: If your knee has injuries which contracts an infection there are high chances that you might suffer from this condition. A fever with redness of the knee might suddenly appear which is a tell tale sign of septic arthritis. You need to immediately see in the doctor in case of this, since this might even affect your blood.

Arthritis is nothing to be feared but it needs to be checked. Knee pains are excruciating and hence regular exercise and visits to the doctor are a must!