black cumin seeds oil

Black cumin seeds oil properties, uses, side effects and precautions

Black seed oil has been used to treat different health issues since ancient times and modern medical researchers have proved that the black seed oil can be used to address certain health issues like poor digestion, hair loss, liver issues, cancer prevention and many others. Yesteryear, it was also used to treat headaches, toothache, intestinal worms and conjunctivitis too. It is actually a plant and with a process, the oil is produced from the black seeds.

Chemical Properties:

It has phytochemicals with anti-bacterial and anti-tumor properties and the Thymoquinone, an active ingredient has superior anti-inflammation properties to fight against different types of cancer and asthma. Another phytochemical named Thymohydroquinine has good antifungal properties that attribute to its use as an antiseptic.


Furthermore, black cumin seeds oil is also used to fight different health conditions like asthma, allergies, cough, emphysema, swine flu, and congestion. Some other health benefits of black seed oil are also noticed. It lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels and improves overall immune system too.

It also helps to increase milk flow in the women and helps in birth control too. Also, it has certain skin benefits too. People directly apply it to different skin scars and for joint pain.

black cumin seeds oil

It is also used as a spice in food in a small quantity. If you are serious about weight loss and looking for natural remedies, you can use black seed oil as it lessens appetite and in a way, reduces weight. Also, it reduces Triglycerides, Glucose absorption, Liver gluconeogenesis and Blood glucose level.

How to Buy:

There are many retail medical shops near you can find that offers different types of black seed oils. However, you can buy black seed oil online too. There are many online vendors who manufacture black seed organically and supply to the customers. You can research a bit and place an order online too. You will get the order at your doorsteps in some days.


In what quantity, you should take black seed oil? Apparently, you don’t want to have any side effects by taking the black seed oil. It is advised to consult a doctor before you start consuming black seed oil. If it is taken without medical consultation, it might cause some health issues. Always consult your family doctor before you use black seed oil.

Special Precautions & Warnings:

Though there are no fatal health issues found by using the black seed oil, there are some precautions you should take to ensure the safety. Here is a list:

  • During pregnancy, a normal amount of black seed oil is found beneficial and harmless. However, a large quantity of black seed oil is unsafe. Consult a doctor before you start consuming it.
  • There is no scientific evidence suggesting the effects of the black seed oil on breastfeeding. However, it is advised to not use it.
  • For children, black seeds are found relatively safe when taken by mouth in suggested amounts.
  • For bleeding disorders, black seed use is not recommended as it might slow down blood coating and can make blood disorders worse.
  • If you are a low blood pressure patient, you should avoid taking black seed oil as it lowers blood pressure and you might end up having extremely low blood pressure.
  • If you have diabetes, you should consult a doctor before taking the black seed oil. It might lower blood sugar levels and you should be careful about it. Monitor your blood sugar while using and stop immediately if you find any issues.
  • Due to its properties of slow blood clotting, blood sugar reduction and lowering blood pressure, it is not suggested to take while you are having a scheduled surgery of any kind. Ensure that you stop taking the black seed oil at least two weeks before the surgery.

Wrapping Up:

In short, there are some excellent benefits of using black seed oil in your regular life and you should buy black seed oil from a reputed store or from an online vendor.