What Is Considered A Dental Emergency?

Most people are very negligent towards oral care and take dental health for granted. Now it is true that some oral problems can wait for that appointment you have scheduled a week later. However, there are some cases which demands immediate medical supervision.

This especially involves patients who have suffered a hard blow to the oral regions, dislocated jaw, cracked or knocked out teeth and similar problems.

So now the question becomes, what are the scenarios in which you should be waiting and rush to your nearest dentist’s chamber?

Well the dentists at MGA Dental emergencies Brisbane was curated a list of conditions which should be neglected. If you are faced with any of the following oral conditions, you should rush to medical professionals as soon as you can.

What does a dental emergency constitute?

Knocked out teeth

This can happen due to a facial trauma while playing football or baseball or some other physical sports. The result can lead to excruciating pain and swelling. The first measure of action should be to stop the bleeding with a clean gauze and apply pressure on it with a cold compress to minimize the swelling.

Secondly, try to find the lost tooth, then rinse it with warm water, then if possible restore into the socket, and avoid touching the root section of the root. Else store the tooth in a cup of milk or a storage box with a lid filled with milk. Then go to the dentist immediately so it can be successfully replanted again. Do all this while you have a friend dialling the medical emergency hotline.

Misaligned tooth

Loose tooth can get out of alignment and even end up falling off. If you are stuck in such a situation then don’t touch it. Secure it back in place by biting down until you go the dentist and get it fixed permanently. Use as little pressure as possible to keep the tooth positioned in its dedicated socket.

Chipped, cracked or fractured tooth

Chipped or broken tooth can cause pain and hypersensitivity due to the exposed nerve endings. They are not an emergency but seek a dentist to contain the problem.

Avoid chewing hard food and cold beverages to make the damages remain minimal and not to extend the damage. For severe damage take acetaminophen and clean the insides of the mouth with warm water to manage until you see a dentist.


It is an infection, which happens around the tooth’s pulp and is very painful. Other symptoms are swelling in the soft tissues and the infection should be treated immediately to stop the infection from spreading across the mouth.

Broken dental appliances

Braces and wires holding up the teeth when breaks can cause damage to the tissue and can cause infection. It should be treated immediately to the dentist.

Fracture occurring to the face

Take this as a rule of thumb. When you hear the word fracture, or feel excruciating head on over to the emergency room. A fracture on your face requires Emergency Medical Services and might also warrant getting immediately admitted to the emergency ward.

A Professional is required during a Dental Emergency

Much of these problems can be avoided if you keep due attention to your surroundings. But even if fate seems cruel, then do make sure that you get treated by professionals and don’t hold of the matter.

Also try to maintain all your regular checkups with the dentist. It can help you to keep your teeth strong and your dental appliances adjusted to avoid many of the discussed problems.