What is Ayurveda? How people are using it for various diseases?

Ayurveda is one of the oldest branches of healing. Originating from the heart of Indian culture, it is said to heal the body by only using natural substances and positive energies. The reason Ayurveda (know more about Ayurveda) is known as an ancient science is because its roots are spread as far back as the 2000 year ago. A lot of Ayurvedic practices were handed over from one generation to other through word of mouth, and such practices were not formally transferred through written texts.

At the heart of Ayurvedic healing is the concept of universal interconnectedness, Prakriti (the body’s constitution) and dosha (life forces). Using these three concepts, Ayurvedic physicians prescribe personalized treatments to the patients. The treatments can include proprietary ingredients or compounds of herbs, and diet, exercise, and recommendations on lifestyle. A vast majority of Indian people uses Ayurvedic supplements exclusively or in a combination with Western Medicine.

Let’s see how people are using Ayurveda for treating various diseases:

  1. For Lowering anxiety and stress

As we all know, stress is the root cause of nearly all of the health problems. When you consult an Ayurvedic practitioner, he might suggest various techniques to naturally treat symptoms of anxiety and depression, lower the levels of cortisol and rebalance the hormonal levels in the body. The techniques can include a combination of breathing exercises, meditation, skin brushing, yoga, herbal treatments etc.

  1. For Lowering Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

Studies have demonstrated that Ayurvedic diets and eating methodologies can help unwind systems and bring down inflammation and plaque development. It can even reverse the thickening of artery walls, also known as atherosclerosis, in both grown-ups and those with a higher chance of coronary illness. Atherosclerosis is a complex disorder in which cholesterol, fats, and different substances pile up and block the arteries. This blocking is due to piling up of plaque, which can lead to heart attack or stroke. Gratefully, Ayurvedic methods bring down cholesterol levels normally and naturally help in lowering BP.

  1. For helping with Recovery from Injuries and Illnesses

Research underpins the possibility of the Ayurvedic idea of insusceptible adjustment and mending. By focusing on inflammation, which is the foundation of most infections, Ayurvedic solution lowers the torment and swelling, enhances blood flows and battles inflammatory conditions like joint inflammation and fibromyalgia.

  1. For promoting a Nutrient cum Antioxidant-Rich Diet

Ayurvedic solution promotes a generally plant-based eating diet loaded with an assortment of authentic, whole food nourishment. While every individual’s eating regimen relies upon body needs, Ayurvedic diets comprise of food for all the three distinctive doshas, the food includes different herbs, flavored teas, vegetables, healthy fats etc.

These are just a few ways in which Ayurveda is helping us combat a lot of health disorders.