Kratom leaves

Use Of KratomIn Treatment Of Addiction

Among the uncountable benefits of the leaves of the Kratom plant, helping in opiate withdrawal is the most prominent. Kratom is actually one of the best treatments when it comes to withdrawal remedies and addiction treatments. But what exactly is Kratom?

What is the Kratom remedy?

Native to the Southeast Asian region, Kratom leaves come from a deciduous origin bearing the scientific name Mitragynaspeciosa. In the past, the leaves of Kratom used to be served as a natural remedy to pain alongside being a substitute to opium. Its other benefits include being a sedative, relaxant, stimulant and brings about calming effects. It also boosts the immune system along with improving concentration and lowering stress and blood pressure. Kratom is easily available in many forms i.e. capsules, powders, crushed leaves or in any other form considered desirable for administration or use. It contains some morphine-like effects but the best thing about it is that it doesn’t have addictive qualities which is a very handy quality due to its major and long-term applications over human health.

Do Kratom leaves really take away opiate withdrawal?

Yes. It does. Kratom itself does not have any addictive qualities like opium. It has the same chemicals as its other family plants possess being a part of the coffee family. Many people use it for opiate withdrawal and relief at their home. Some people use Kratom to ease withdrawal symptoms to slowly shift to a drug-free lifestyle mainly because it is easier to relapse into it.

Why is the Kratom Remedy recommended?

The chemical morphology of Kratom leaves consists of organic matter and alkaloids. These unique alkaloids have lots of interesting effects & research is still ongoing to inquire answer to each of them. But people have largely started using it as an analgesic, to lower and control cravings and as simple remedy from suboxone, heroine, opium, hydrocodone and other narcotics.

Kratom leaves

The withdrawal symptoms Kratom is usually helpful against are:

  • Opiate or narcotics cravings
  • Muscular aches
  • RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome)
  • Sweating
  • Fever
  • Lethargy
  • Mood swings and stress

How does it work?

The feeling of Kratom consumption is usually described as less intense but similar to the feeling of consumption of opioids. It is said to have sedating effects at higher doses and stimulating effect at lower doses. The trick to using Kratom is to consume it only when you have an unstoppable urge and just have to get through your worst phase of opiate withdrawal without a relapse. The way to deal with it is to consider it as using a tool against harsh forms of withdrawal pains from drugs like heroine and other narcotics.

How long does Kratom needed to be taken?

Ifyou can manage to get through the worst 3-5 days of opiate withdrawal, you just might be able to recover without relapsing. Although be sure to use it only for 1-2 weeks if you are using it as a withdrawal supplement because it can create a dependency in the body metabolism too.