What are the Advantages of Going to a Luxury Rehab

Government rehab is the most popular rehab in USA because it is free. The problem with government rehab is that it is not well maintained, use poor methodologies for treating patients and lack professional staff. Luxury rehab was established to fill in the shortcomings of the free rehabs by providing higher quality facilities. The following is a list of the pros of luxury rehab to help you decide whether it is suitable for you.

  1. Best Staff

Luxury rehab is equipped with a team of the best medical staff. Some of its medical staff include psychiatrist, nurses, doctors, doctor assistants, and addiction counselors. There are counselors for various types of counseling including individual, family, and group. They also have a transition planning counselor that is responsible in creating transition plans to help patients cope with temptations and maintain sobriety after leaving the facility.

Some rehabs offer counselors for career counseling to help addicts find jobs. In addition, they also have therapist staff that lead various therapy sessions such as music therapy, art therapy, nutritional counseling. The administration staff is the first staff that the patient will meet and they help to create the client’s treatment plan. The admin staff are fully familiar of the government regulations.

  1. Professional Medical Supervision

The world’s best rehab offers around the clock supervision to ensure thatthe patients will not be in danger. Around the clock supervision is important to prevent negative consequences like committing suicide that can happen as a result of stop using the drug. The rehab offers psychotherapeutic substance abuse treatment follow up after the detox stage. Patients can discuss their medical situation to choose the best detox plan.

3.No Distraction and No Worries

When in a luxury rehab, you don’t have to be around bad peers. Getting admitted into a residential rehab will put a stop to all your daily routines. It can lift a burden off your heart as you no longer have to worry about your work or family. When you are staying in a residential rehab, more time can be spent on recovery. The staff will check the patients and make sure they did not bring any drug. Luxury rehab offers a peaceful environment that can calm down a troubled heart and help the addict to think things more clearly.

4.Tailor Made Treatment Planning

Before the program starts, clients will get full psychological and medical evaluations. The results from the evaluations used to create individualized treatment plan. As time passed and the patient shows improvement, the administration staff will consult other doctors to see if they could make any changes to the plan. Various forms of treatment into the custom treatment plan including dual diagnosis, and behavioral therapy.

5.No Stress of Being Exposed to Other Addicts

In a luxury rehab, you don’t share room with other addicts as in government rehab. This allow you to concentrate on recovery without being exposed to other addict’s triggers and relapses.


In conclusion, luxury rehab is beneficial for the drug addicts in many ways. Joining a luxury rehab can reduce the chances of relapsing and prevent you from having to go back to the rehab to receive treatment again and again.