What Happens During the Detoxification Stage in a Luxury Rehab?

Regular drug use can cause the addict to develop tolerance towards that drug so that more drugs need to be taken to satisfy the desire. When the addict stops taking the drug, he will start to show dangerous withdrawal symptoms. This can happen because the body is already adapted to regular use of the drug and now needs it to function normally. The person will feel that he need the drug to live and this causes him to develop an addiction towards it. The majority of the addicts lack will power to overcome addiction. The best way to deal with a drug addiction is to enter a luxury drug rehab center.

The luxury drug rehab center provides a fully supervised drug detoxification with trained medical team overlooking the patients for 24/7. During the detoxification stage, drug use is completely halted. The removal of the drug from addict’s life help him is the first step towards making a full recovery. It aims to stop the addict’s dependence on drug. Patients will only pass on to the next stage if they stop showing withdrawal symptoms from not using the drug.

The trained medical team at the luxury rehab will carry out proper procedure for handling different types of withdrawal symptoms. They can handle various types of emotional symptoms like anxiety, headaches, depression, and isolation. They know what to do reduce physical symptoms such as nausea, breathlessness, racing heart, and sweating in the patients. The detox stage is the first stage that you will go through when you arrive at the rehab center. Before the detox starts, you can stay in your room and tour around the center.

You should avoid joining a drug rehab that use substitution therapy in the detoxification stage. Substitution therapy means that they will administer another drug that is equivalent of the original drug to get rid of the withdrawal symptoms. The disadvantage of substitution therapy is that it can cause development of a second addiction. A reputable luxury drug rehab will always perform assessment on the patients prior to the detoxification stage. During the assessment, a trained counselor will discuss about the drug use history and medical issues that arise from drug use. The counselor will work with you to create a custom treatment plan by taking into account health concerns and nutrition deficiencies.

The detoxification stage consists of 3 stages including acute withdrawal, early abstinence and protracted abstinence. Withdrawal symptoms like seizures can occur within the first 2 days after the patient stop using the drug. More serious withdrawal symptoms can show on the third day. In the early abstinence stage, the patient starts to get better and stop showing acute withdrawal symptoms. They may experience low mood and have problems with sleeping well at night. Statistics show that female drug addicts will take longer to pass through the second stage. Protracted abstinence is the final detox stage and patients can be easily provoked them to use drugs or behave badly.

Some withdrawal symptoms can be serious so it is wise that you don’t attempt it yourself. By going to a rehab to attend detox, you will not be alone in facing the withdrawal symptoms. The luxury rehab will make sure withdrawal is comfortable. The serene environment and luxury facilities can help make detox less painful. Drug and alcohol addiction can increase the risk of contracting various types of diseases such as cancer. This is why it is important to make the decision to enter a rehab as soon as possible because delaying can increase the damage the drug is doing on the addict’s body.

In conclusion, detox is an important component of all drug addiction recovery programs. Luxury rehab has in house detox center so there is no need for the patient to travel to another place to receive the detox treatment. The professional staff at the luxury rehab will make sure that the patients has properly go through the detox stage before allowing them to transition to the next stage.