Tummy Tuck and It’s Benefits

Lower abdomen part starts flaunting after giving birth to a baby and this is when people think  making the excess flesh out of their body for the cosmetic purpose. Even, women having several pregnancies find this surgery useful to tighten abdominal muscles.  Even, tummy tuck is suitable for men and women both who possess good health.

However, it should not be confused with Liposuction that is used for reducing fat deposition. There are some women or people out there who can’t get their tummy back to the shape they had before, even if this takes doing crunches for years and spending time in a treadmill. Moreover, all these methods can’t give good days to see flat belly or flesh free abdomen.

Let’s know what tummy tuck is exactly:

Tummy tuck is one of the renowned cosmetic surgeries that removes extra fat and repairs the separated abdominal muscles and makes tummy healthier and sexier. As per the search, there are six types of abdominoplasty and two most common types of abdominoplasty are-

  • Mini-tummy tuck
  • Full-tummy tuck

When to opt for a tummy tuck:


  • When you feel that you have got enough skin and stretch marks on your abdomen that is not getting improved by diet.
  • If there is a huge separated muscle in your abdominal, this is common during post pregnancy. This situation is called Diastasis Recti and this is also known as Abdominal Separation. By Causing this situation, the belly may start peeking out through your shirt gaining lots of weight.
  • If the excess skin and fat starts making uncomfortable to move out here and there.
  • Thing that surgeons consider while deciding to take you under the knife:
  • Medical Conditions: surgeons think about the medical conditions that can interfere after tummy tuck.
  • Required medication: Medication including non-prescribed medicines, herbal remedies, etc. can increase the skin complexions and can interfere in the healing process.
  • Weight loss: It is matter to think that whether you as a patient have still reached up to the situation where you want to lose weight seriously. Even, it can undo the results if you gain a huge amount of weight after the such tummy tuck p Although, while opting for tummy tuck Malaysia, surgeons firstly determine to lose weight up to a certain stage for this procedure. Even, each of the patients is advised in such case to plan some weight losing goals, fat distribution and have some expectations.

Expectation from such surgery:

  • It is one of the offensive procedures as this is a bit scarring and chances of infection are there.
  • Sometimes treats abdominal areas as a difficult one to fix because of the liposuction surgery.
  • Even, it is a matter to remember that this is re-shaping of the body rather than a weight losing procedure.

Here the result is immediate, but it may happen that body starts swelling and such result may keep disturbing you a bit up to certain days or months as an overall after effect.

It’s considered as the best one, while someone is having excess loose skin post-surgery and want to lose a large amount of weight. Overall that patient has to stay at least 3 ward nights for full tummy tuck as an outpatient procedure.