Some people intuitively think that they should start with the exercising by forcing the body to do as much as possible not knowing that this can be bad for them. Before you begin with a hard – core training you need to stretch your body first and do some warm up exercises.
Yes, you read that right, but the warm up must be good. Why is that so? Simply because without proper heating the body cannot achieve success. EMA Krav Maga is a place that can help you achieve a great success if you are interested in martial arts.

There are all kinds of different exercises that are good for the body, but before you begin with that there are some things you need to know about in order to get the best results.


When you do the warm up exercises here is what you need to pay attention to:

– Accelerate the pulse

– Raise the body temperature

– Be able to move faster

– Preventinjuries

– Feel more relaxed

There are so many different ways of warm up your body before you begin with the exercise. You can choose whatever you want to just make sure that those exercise are related to the main exercises you are about to perform. There must be some kind of connection.
Warm up exercises also shape up the body and prepare you for more difficult exercises.

Here are the three important components when it comes to warming up:

– Accelerate the pulse

– Joint Mobility

– Stretching

It is not possible to train bodybuilding without one of these components. Stretching the muscles should be the first thing to do before you begin with the exercises.

If you manage to achieve all three components you will be able to work out during the whole day. You will notice the difference when you start with the exercise. There will be obstacles or problems for you as long as you try very hard.

Below is a description of how to properly warm up:

– Start with cardio activities.

– Repeat the cardio exercises 10 times. Once you are done with the cardio exercises you can move on the stretching the legs and arms. Do it 10 times.

– Rest 1 minute.

– 10 squats.

– Rest 1 minute.

And that is enough to warm up the body. Squats are amazing exercises when it comes to strengthening the legs and the butt.

So make sure you perform these exercises before you begin with other harder core exercise. Warming up is performed to stretch every muscle in the body separately. That way you will feel ready to follow the dynamic and to last more.

Also, when you are done with the exercises make sure that you do the same warm up exercise and then finish. Exercising should be a joyful and fun experience, not something that will cause you pain.