best feet massager

Top 3 best feet massager

Yet another long day takes its leave. Now your body is completely tired and feet ache. Isn’t it a bit familiar? Feet provide the foundation for our bodies. So we have to take care of them. One easy and relaxing way is to get a foot massage. Here is a list of the best feet massager.

1.      uComfy Shiatsu Foot Massager:

Slip the feet into the uComfy foot massager for massaging. If you want maximum control when massaging then this massager is quality option. You get to choose from two different styles-a Shiatsu-style setting which knead the muscle. And then there is the vibration-style massage that helps loosen tight muscles.

You can find the option for heat available. You can combine that with the massage style or use it only. Alternatively you may turn off the heat and let air pressure comfort the feet. Using techniques like acupressure massage technique make uComfy Foot massager effective. It surrounds your feet with heat and also compression.

The oval-shaped massager also contains five intensity levels. This allows you to slowly increase intensity throughout the entire course. The machine does weigh in at 12 pounds. So you can understand easily that this is not portable.

2.      MedMassager MMF06 11 Speed Foot Massager:

This foot massager from MedMassager consists of a full-sized footpad. It works hard for stimulating circulation in the legs and the feet. With an ergonomic shape, this massager will use an optimal angle for targeting the pressure points. And you will end up with maximum comfort after the massage.

best feet massager

As the name may suggest, it comes with 11 speed settings. As a result, it is one of the most powerful electric massagers. Through vibrations the device can promote healthy flow of blood and ease your pain. Unlike some other machines, MedMassager has no heat element. Muscle tension and circulation issues can occur to your body due to diabetes. But you can take action by using the MedMassager.

3.      TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager Roller:

If you prefer some simple device for soothing foot pain then this is it. TheraFlow Massager is the massager to look for heel pain relief. This massager is made from the durable, high quality Theaceae wood. This foot roller is very much an affordable option.

TheraFlow can provide you relief for sore feet with conditions like Plantar Fasciitis. The rollers are present to help you relax the feet. In that way, your blood flow gets promoted and overall your health is enhanced.

Now you may opt for the kneading mode. In that case you can simply roll the feet back and forth in an opposite direction. Be careful not to press too hard. If you want the maximum benefit, then do it few times a day.

TheraFlow uses reflexology and pressure to help your body release endorphins. Releasing endorphins will help you to relieve pain symptoms. And while this goes on your feet will experiences increase in blood circulationAn out of the box suggestion, if you want to be entrepreneur let me, I know some companies that help startups to build or to make their ideas live. We can contact them If you want. Or just browse the internet for entertainment news gossip blogs to entertainments, life is short you know.