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The Process of Ancient Shiatsu Therapy

The ancient shiatsu therapy came from Japan but was adopted by Chinese traditional medicine. It has been developed to suit the needs of people seeking healing and comfort from the therapy. Shiatsu therapy has been used many years ago, and up to now many spas offer shiatsu therapy to their clients since they see significant benefits one person can get from the therapy. It is actually a very popular Singapore massage as well.

Shiatsu therapy mainly focuses on the meridian pressure points used in meridian therapy. These pressure points are connected to the nerves, organs and valves. The application of pressure to the meridian points is how shiatsu therapy is done. Thumbs, knees and elbows are used to apply pressure on the selected pressure points. The pressure is usually applied in a circular motion. As it goes around, the pressure becomes stronger.

Shiatsu Therapy Setting

Unlike in other massage therapies that require you to remove your clothing, in shiatsu therapy it is not necessary to get naked. You can wear lose but comfortable garment. You will be asked to lie on the therapy table to give the practitioner better access to the body parts that needs therapy. The practitioner wills likely work on all the pressure points to give you a completed treatment, including stress relief.

Shiatsu Therapy’s Main Goal

The main goal is to improve your circulation and balance the flow of Qi. Qi is the energy that flows within your body. You feel discomfort, pain and experience having a disease if your circulation is not working well together with the flow of qi. Improving your circulation can help you release stress, balance the flow of energy which makes you strong and improve your overall well-being.

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Proper distribution of your body fluids will improve the functions of different organs in your body. It helps give relief to tensed muscles and inflammation. The healing process can also be faster with the help of shiatsu therapy. The balanced distribution of energy helps your body and mind to become stronger. It helps you fight off different types of diseases.

What Is Zen Shiatsu?

Microbiotic shiatsu, movement shiatsu, namikoshi shiatsu, hara shiatsu, healing shiatsu and zen shiatsu are the types of shiatsu therapy that have techniques that were developed individually to cater to the needs of a person receiving the therapy. Each type has its own concentration and goal in which the aim is to deliver healing. Zen shiatsu is the most commonly used technique in many spas because of its benefits.

Zen shiatsu base been developed by ShizutoMazunaga. The therapy still focuses on the pressure points but it has been developed to be more effective in distributing the energy into different parts of the body using the circulation as its vessel. The name zenshitsu has been made in honor of the Japan’s Buddhist monks that are using Zen.

How Does Shiatsu Work

The therapy uses hands on therapy. The method helps harmonize the body’s physical aspect with mind and spirit. The therapy uses this technique to find symptoms of a disease and make it better, helping to prevent the disease to continue. It creates unity, making the person more aware of his condition and environment.

Shiatsu Therapy Works On 3 Different Levels

  • Physical

It works on a physical level by making contact with the receiver’s skin. The heat flows from the practitioner to the receiver. Pressure is applied and toxins will be removed. Blood and lymphatic fluids will start to flow.

  • Mind

It sets off a relaxing momentum, making the person release stress. It helps in removing the cloudiness in mind and making it fresh. It conditions the mind as it conditions the body.

  • Spiritually

It creates inner peace within the person receiving the treatment. The mind and body is given time to relax and come back fresh and strong, making the whole being well and healthy.

Shiatsu is a technique that has been passed on in many generations and has improved a lot to cater to the needs of the patient. It is meant to be developed in such a way that will help the person become healthy and remove all the pain, inflammation and stress. Going to a Singapore massage for shiatsu therapy is not because of pleasure but because it is a tool in making yourself healthy and improve mortality. Your immune system will be improved with the treatment as well.