The clear path to straight teeth

Many adults need to have their teeth straightened, but put off the experience for a number of reasons. Perhaps they feel that, as adults, they have missed out on their opportunity to straighten teeth, believing the myth that braces St John’s Wood are designed purely for younger teeth and that adults are not able to effectively straighten their teeth.

Perhaps the price is off putting, as responsibilities get in the way and teeth straightening is deemed an avoidable expense that can be put on the back burner until one can afford it.

It could be the limitations that teeth straightening devices might create on an individual’s self- esteem or appearance, which can have a potentially negative impact on their professional or personal lives.

Whatever the reason might be, there are many ways in which a dentist is able to circumvent these hurdles and help their patient to achieve that smile that they have always wanted to have.

Is there a treatment that might work for such patients?

Invisalign is a clear plastic tray that is used to gently and gradually move teeth into their correct position. It is difficult to see as there are no wires or brackets which are present in other devices and this can have a positive impact on the willingness of the individual to experience this kind of treatment.

This treatment is a removable device and needs to be taken out whenever the wearer is choosing to eat. This gives them more freedom in terms of what they can eat, although there are trade offs for this. Because these aligners need to be worn for at least 20 hours each day, this limits the amount of time that a person can have their device removed for eating and snacking.

Is there a positive twist that can be taken from this?

There certainly can be! As with everything, by discussing the positive aspects of a situation, the best can be taken from them. Some people have remarked that by having their aligners in throughout the day, they naturally limit themselves from snacking which has other great health impacts.

Being more conscious about what and when one is eating is always a good thing and because there are no actual limitations on what a person can eat, unlike with traditional braces, there are no real restrictions.

Just because these aligners need to be removed and then a person’s teeth need to be brushed before they replace them each time, if they are committed to enjoying the results that were discussed and stick with the treatment, then it is quite an arduous task to enjoy that sweet snack at 3pm!

Any other benefits?

It cannot go without saying that there are health benefits that go along with having straighter teeth. Because cramped and crossed teeth are more difficult to clean, they can harbour bad bacteria which can lead to bad breath, plaque build-up and eventually cavities. Without constant monitoring and professional cleaning, this can unfortunately lead to gum disease and even tooth loss.

By straightening teeth, patients can access their own teeth more easily with everyday brushing and flossing, and they can benefit from the results for life.