Curious if lip fillers are for you? Your top 5 FAQS answered

With age comes wisdom and a sense of humour which is unmatched by any other age group.

However, as age progresses, the skin begins to sag and with it, the lips begin to appear thinner and paler, which can cause even the most confident person to feel a bit concerned about their


And while lipsticks and plumping glosses can provide temporary relief from thinning lips, many people look for a treatment that offers longer-lasting results. And this is where dermal fillers, also known as lip fillers Kent, come in.

Used in a similar way as dermal fillers, lip based fillers are injected into the lips and surrounding areas to create instant plumpness and firmness. Best of all, as these injections can be performed by dental practitioners, you probably won’t have to go too far to have the procedure

done. Brilliant!

Curious to learn a bit more about lip fillers? Read on for the top 5 FAQS about this treatment.

What are they made from?

Like dermal fillers, these fillers are usually composed of a synthetic hyaluronic acid.

As someone ages, the body creates less of this naturally occurring protein, causing the skin to wrinkle and the lips to appear thinner; by injecting it into the lips, they will appear instantly plumped and will also look less wrinkled too.

Will my lips be numbed before the injections occur?

If you have ever bitten your lip, you will know how sensitive this area is and as a precautionary measure, many dental practitioners will use a numbing cream on the lips before injecting lip fillers.

After the numbing cream wears off, there will probably be some soreness and bruising, but this is normal and should fade in a few days. If it doesn’t, contact the dental team who injected the fillers for a check-up.

Can you smoke after having these injected?

Technically yes, but many practitioners will advise against it.

Smoking, in general, is bad for your health, but with the application of hyaluronic acid to your lips, you run the risk of prematurely dehydrating the skin and causing the fillers to wear off quicker. If you want to quit smoking before the application of the fillers, talk to your dental team about smoking cessation options.

Will there be swelling?

As mentioned earlier, you can expect some degree of swelling and bruising after the fillers have been injected into your lips, which should last for about 2-4 days.

Be aware that even though the hyaluronic acid is usually synthetic, it is biologically inert and so it should not cause any kind of allergic reaction. If the swelling does not go down or becomes painful, contact your dentist immediately to ascertain the cause of the reaction.

How long do they last?

Dermal fillers applied to the lips typically last on average between 6-9 months. But depending on your age when they were applied, your lifestyle choices and if you smoke or drink alcohol, this lifespan may be reduced. Looking at lifestyle changes can certainly make these treatments last longer.