Tea Fundamentals: 5 Products to Change Your Tea Drinking Experience

For people who have been drinking tea for many years, the steps of makingit is as vital as drinking the tea itself. They ensure that they are ensuing the right steeping time as well as are using the right tools to make the tea.This is because every step can change its taste and alter the effects on your body.

Some types can be made in just 2 minutes, while some needs more than thirty minutes to finish. Either way, you can make fruit tea preparationfun by having the right materials. The accessories you use to create it can also improve your total experience.

Here are examples of the products you must have in your tea shelf:

Electric / stovetop kettle– some teaproducts need a particular temperature for it to have the proper taste. So the best way to begin your tea drinking experience is to have the right heated water. Using a microwave is fine, especiallyif you’re pressed for time but be reminded that the water could heat unevenly, or the taste of the tea could be crummy. It will be ideal to invest in a kettle that you can heat in an electric one or a stovetop. This 1 heats the water to a right as well as even temperature with a rolling boil. This is the ideal way to steep the black or green tea. There are even electric kettle that is portable, and comes handy when you have a tiny kitchen.


Teapot – teapots are perfect if you wish to prepare your drink for guests or if you are in the mood to drink more than 1 cup. It’s even more economical to use because you won’t be using too many bags to prepare the tea. Plus, they can make your kitchen look more beautiful with its lovely designs. They come in various sizes as well as style that surely fit the look of any kitchen.

 Teacups – tea’s taste could alter if you’re not using the correct cup. There are steel or plastic cups that change the taste of tea most importantly if they are not of high quality. Many fruit tea enthusiasts advice china cups or small porcelain cups so your tea stays hot while you’re drinking it. There are many stylish teacups found on antique stores at cheap prices. It could even add a hint of sophistication to your shelf or overallkitchen.

Timer – you need to have a timer to ensure that you are correctly steeping or infusing your tea. Brewing or steeping time for every type of tea varies.

Tea Strainer – if you have become more attracted in tea drinking and you chose to try loose-leaf tea, then you will need to have a tea strainer. According to a lot of tea drinkers, this tea’s brew tastes better because the tealeaves slowly infuse the hot water.

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