Sphygmomanometer Its Importance to our Daily Life

Sphygmomanometer: Its Importance to our Daily Life

One of the essential device you need at home is a blood pressure device or Sphygmomanometer. Checking your blood pressure is really important especially when your family has a hypertensive patient. Having a high blood pressure is dangerous to your health. If your experiencing high blood pressure, your arteries are having additional tension making them thicker and fragile. This may lead to stroke, heart attack or heart failure. That’s why you need to purchase blood pressure monitor in Malaysia or wherever country you are residing at.

There are factors to be considered when purchasing a blood pressure device. You need to get a right size of cuff. It should be found on the size of the user’s arm. You can consult a doctor or a pharmacist if your having trouble on looking for a right size. There are tendency that you may encounter wrong reading with wrong size of cuffs. The numbers at the monitor must be readable and you should hear your heartbeat using the provides stethoscope. Prices of blood pressure devices may differ. However, if you purchase blood pressure monitor in Malaysia there are dependable yet cost-effective type of sphygmomanometer.

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Aneroid Monitor Vs. Digital Monitor

Aneroid Monitor is manually operated. You need to look at the gauge provided while the cuff is placed around your upper arm and compress the rubber bulb provided. Aneroid monitors are cost-effective than digital monitors. An aneroid monitor usually have a stethoscope, a cuff, and a rubber bulb. It is easy to use because you can place it in anywhere.

There are feedback users that aneroid monitors are slightly fragile, a small damage can affect its performance and become inaccurate. There are also instances that the rubber bulb is hard to compress. It is not advisable for deaf patients, because in this type of monitor they need to listen to the stethoscope.

Digital Monitors are more accessible nowadays. They are not complicated when using. All digital monitor comes with a built-in stethoscope and gauge and usually it has an error signal. Just wear the cuff at your left upper arm and just what for the monitor to tell your blood pressure. This type of device is good for deaf patients, they don’t need to listen to the stethoscope.

There are negative feedbacks that the body gestures may affect its performance. Digital monitors are costly and they also need batteries. But somehow, they are widely used worldwide. If you will purchase blood pressure monitor in Malaysia, you can check the pharmacy or through your trusted online seller if they provide reliable type of blood pressure device.


Preventing high blood pressure is a must. For a hypertensive patient, you need to secure your own blood pressure device. Its objective is to prevent unnecessary circumstances when you reach your high point of blood pressure. However, a proper diet and proper lifestyle must be followed when you are experiencing hypertension or heart problems to avoid discomfort to your body.