In Need Of Osteopathy Treatment, St. Kilda Osteopathy Is the Solution

In Need Of Osteopathy Treatment, St. Kilda Osteopathy Is the Solution

Osteopathy is a system, or a type of alternative medicine focused on myofascial release to reinstate movement as well as eliminate pain, manual adjustments of the body parts and physical manipulation of bones and muscle tissues. It is a complementary medicine used for the treatment of medical disorders through the manipulation and massage of the skeleton framework and muscles of all or a part of a body. Its nature is that it is a drug-free, manual therapy that manipulates and strengthens the musculoskeletal structure to improve health throughout the body system.  Osteopathy, focus on positively affecting the body’s nervous, lymphatic and circulatory system. It is a proved treatment for low back pain world over. It is practiced by Osteopaths whose training specialization focuses on the spine, muscles, and joints. They can either be non-physician osteopaths or medically trained osteopathic physicians who are qualified medical doctors but a specialized training than complementary therapists. The two kinds of physicians form the two branches of the osteopathic profession.

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St. Kilda osteopathy, one of the leading practices has used this complementary therapy to improve health alongside other conventional treatments. It is referred as manual medicine because diagnosis and treatment are carried out with the hands. These manual techniques help to improve circulation and rehabilitate altered biomechanics, without the use of any form of drugs. Here at St. Kilda, the focus is on holistic whole-body health and not the injured or affected part(s) only. This focus is meant to balance all the body systems with the aim of providing overall good health and wellbeing for their patients. There is also a unique form of quality attention given by their osteopathic physicians to musculoskeletal framework injuries and related muscle and joint pains complaints. This help to ease one’s pain and any form of discomfort, speed up the patient’s recovery and create a long-term solution for optimal musculoskeletal framework health and well-being.

At St Kilda Osteopathy, persons of all ages, races, origins, ethnicity and social status receive the treatment for creating optimal health for all is their defining ethos. Patients are given personalized, tailored treatments to target parts having pain and individual focus on a patient’s complaints. There is also rehabilitation for sporting injuries such as tennis and golfer’s elbows at all levels and abilities too. In addition to all these excellent services, there is a well-established pain management system for both chronic and acute musculoskeletal framework sufferings.

If you have a condition requiring osteopathy, St. Kilda is the place to visit. There is guaranteed quality care and treatment. This is ensured through evidence-based therapy by a team of experienced Osteopathic physicians who carries out a thorough diagnosis and offers clear explanations to the patients.