Roxycontin Detox: Misuse of Heroin, Misconception and Prevention

One thing that you should know about thelast few decades is that the number of fatal overdoses increased especially when it comes to prescription medications and painkillers.

For a long time, the overdose was common for illegal drugs such as heroin, crack,and coke, but today, the popularity of prescription drugs from pharmacies are more popular,and the trend is increasing.

According to FDA, in 2009, for instance, more than 16 thousand Americans died from overdosing on prescription painkillers. Have in mind that prescription drugs kill more white men each year than motor vehicle accidents and suicide.

This is the reason why you should check out how Roxycontin detox treatment is done because this will help you understand how to cleanse the drug off without affecting your overall health. The rate of overdose from analgesic opioids between 1990 and 2006 increased up sevenfold.

Even though it was a problem that affected only people that lived in rural areas, today’s numbers are showing that more and more people from urban settings are using it too. Therefore, the abuse of prescription drugs increased in the last few years amazingly.

A New Type of Opioids

Since the emergence of a new class of opioids that we call analgesics such as morphine, hydrocodone, codeine,and oxycodone, are mostly used as pain relievers.


Doctors tend to prescribe these opioids for acute and intense or chronic pain for treatments such as post-surgery pain and a broken leg. The main issue with them is that they are highly addictive.

Before they entered the market in the prescription form, they were mostly injected or smoked similarly as heroin. These drugs were illicit, they still area and the different type of addicts used drugs that required injecting and smoking when compared with prescription opiates.

Most people have the lousy misconception that these drugs are safe and healthy just because they are legal and free to purchase on the market. The public has not created a similar stigma around these medications similarly as with heroin.

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The idea is to raise awareness that prescription drugs are also problematic and can lead to overdose if you start abusing them. Of course, using prescription drugs is not something, which is new.

Long before they became famous and entered the pop culture through various movies and songs, prescription drugs became popular among adolescents because it was simple to purchase them and they had a similar effect as illegal substances.

The main concern today is that number of pills is circulating the significant areas and urban settings, which is why most people tend to consume it for recreational use, and not to treat pain and other problems.

You should have in mind that prescription opioids are the second most abused drugs in the USA, while the weed is the first, but when we compare the long-term effects, you will not be able to overdose on marijuana the same way as on those drugs.

At the same time, people tend to forget that prescription pills can also lead to severe issues and overdose, which means that if you start abusing them, it can, lead to fatal consequences.

The Primary Misconception

It is a common choice that wealthy and white males take expensive pharmaceutical instead of street drugs to gain a similar effect, and after a while, it became not only fashionable but a necessity.

According to different reports, white people tend to overdose on analgesics three times more than any other race, and in most cases these people live in middle or high class and income when compared with other people.

The main reason for the increased number of fatalities is that you will have additional access to doctors that will help you write prescriptions that will allow you to abuse some drug. However, when you become addicted, you will start finding illegal channels that will help you gain similar medications.

Since analgesics tend to be cheaper than heroin, and people have the misconception that we cannot compare illegal and legal drugs because everything that you can buy free on the market is healthy and will help you enjoy all the way.

Even though the misconception that street and illicit drugs are safer than prescription as times goes by, the effects are changing and today we can say that more people are dying from prescription drugs than any time before.

What to Do About It?

According to researchers and institutions, there are ways to fight opiate misuse and addiction. First, the states have to regulate the marketing and aggressive perception of potent drugs that could lead to fatality such as Oxycontin.

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At the same time, specific regulations should reduce the ability of doctors to prescribe analgesics without special request, and the law has to control and see which types of prescriptions are valid.

The states and government should also restrict the ability of people to get the prescription opioids by regulating drug sales to an entirely different system. At the same time, law enforcement has to adopt measures that will fight the illegal distribution of prescription drugs.

Finally, yet importantly, education is vital so that new and old generations could understand the problematic effects that legal drugs have on the society and addiction in overall. It is essential to find a way to promote a healthy lifestyle and to increase awareness that legal medications could also be problematic and unsafe, and in worst cases, they could lead to overdose.