4 Signs and symptoms which may prompt you that you have anxiety issues

Anxiety happens to be one of the most common and widespread mental health issue in the US, UK and Australia where 1 among 4 is experiencing it at some point of their lives. There are surprising reports which show that the instances of children suffering from anxiety are also on the rise. In fact, in a few countries, there is this anxiety epidemic spreading like never before. Are you someone who feels anxious about every small thing that happens in your life? If answered yes, you needn’t fret as you’re not alone.

Anxiety can be treated and hence there’s no use being anxious about the fact that you have anxiety. It’s also important to remember that just because you feel anxious at times, you may not actually be ridden with anxiety. You can take anxiety tests created by licensed professionals, from resources like E-counseling.com to help you understand if you really have anxiety or not.

If you’re still unsure about whether or not you are dealing with full blown anxiety, here are few signs and symptoms associated with anxiety that you should be aware of.

Sign #1: Worrying excessively about everything

Have you heard of GAD or generalized anxiety disorder?It is probably the most common form of anxiety which includes worrying about the small and big things in life. However, the question is, ‘what is considered as too much?’ If a person has constant thoughts of anxiety for the majority of the days in a week, or if it continues for 6 months, this is obviously considered too much. It can significantly interfere with your daily life.

Sign #2: Sleep issues

Do you have this problem of falling asleep or remaining asleep? If yes, this is likely related to a few health issues as well, both mental and physical. In case you mostly find yourself awake at night and feeling agitated and worried, you’re certainly suffering from anxiety disorders. Half of all the people who suffer from GAD suffer from sleep issues.

Sign #3: Illogical fears

There are few forms of anxiety which are never generalized like the fear or anxiety of crowds, any specific animals or other strange things. In case this kind of fear gradually gets overwhelming with time, to such an extent that they disrupt your regular household chores, this is definitely a sign of phobia which is yet another kind of anxiety disorder. Phobias should be treated as they can get increasingly crippling with time.

Sign #4: Tension of muscles

Do you face tension in your muscles, even in the smallest form like balling your fists or clenching of your jaw? If answered yes, these happen only when you suffer from anxiety disorders. This symptom can get so persistent that people who happen to live with it for a long time won’t notice it.

Therefore, if you’re suffering from any of the above mentioned symptoms of anxiety, you should get yourself treated by setting an appointment with a psychiatrist or a counselor.