Quick snip can help with Tongue Tie & Breast feeding

There are many new mothers who may not be aware about breastfeeding issues like tongue tie. Probably you could be struggling trying to breastfeed your new baby. It may be that your little one is trying to latch on to you, but is not able to feed probably. Since the feeding duration is low, she/he may get hungry again and want to feed. This way, the little one might get milk in small quantities, but you as a mother will feel your breasts to be sore and not get sufficient sleep. You should immediately consult a lactation consultation, who will recommend tongue-tie evaluation.

About Tongue-Tie and Breast Feeding

Ankyloglossia is the medical term used for tongue-tie. According to medical science, people are born along with a tissue band that tethers tongue to the mouth floor. It is known as lingual frenulum. Generally, tongue movement is not restricted. However, if frenulum is found to be extremely tight, thick or attached extremely forward, then tongue-tie situation may arise.

There are many children who are taken care of by speech pathologists and undergo snipping of frenulums. As a thumb rule, the child may have his/her tongue tip past the teeth, for which tongue-tie is not a problem.

More details about tongue tie breastfeeding positions

In those days, midwives were knowledgeable about tongue-tie. One finger nail was kept long enough for snipping tongue-tie before the babies’ breastfed. With the growing popularity of bottle feeding, this wisdom vanished.

Tongue-tie is a common situation and may not be severe enough to interfere breastfeeding. Many families may experience this and commonly noticed in boys. Breastfeeding is recommended when compared to bottle feeding. Tongue-tie situations could probably be the reason for women accounting to 70% to drop under 20% within six months.

Latching problem is noticed among babies suffering from tongue-tie. For getting a better latch onto the mother’s nipple, the baby is required to slide the tongue over lower gum. It is by using the jaws to chew for getting more milk that such babies are said to compensate for this restricted tongue movement. This makes the baby to get tired easily and is required to be fed often, thus making the mother to get sore nipples.


It is always wise to take the baby to an experienced physician having knowledge about tongue-tie related issues. Frenotomy is the surgery to be performed. Frenulums which attach lower and upper lips to gums may cause problems in breastfeeding. The baby is evaluated and snipping of lingual frenulum is recommended. Some numbing medication is put on the Q tip that is present under the tongue of the baby. The tongue is then lifted and using sterile scissors, a quick snip is performed. After some time, the little one is ready for breastfeeding and get good quantity milk. This way, the mother is also able to sleep more and get refreshed for the next breastfeeding session. Snipping ensures that both baby and mother are healthy, normal, happy and satisfied.