Low Carb Protein Bars: Is it Healthy or Not?

This fad diet called Low Carb is getting more popular these days. With a lot of testimonials, you can see all over the internet, indeed, people will go crazy trying and testing it out. But of course, any kind of diet needs determination and self-discipline to get fruitful results.

Some low carb practitioners are dedicated to their meal preparation, but sometimes, sweet fangs can’t be controlled. That’s why protein bars are there to save the day!

The protein bar is a convenient way to get more protein in a yummy way.  Usually, it is made from whey protein, others are from casein protein or a combination of these two. Protein bars have a lot of health benefits associated with a high-protein diet. Most people who are more active needs twice as much as protein than a sedentary person.

Since low carb is pretty popular today, practitioners created a sweet snack that will suit them without guilt. These protein bars are sugar-free and gluten-free. Instead of using ordinary confectionaries that can spike your insulin, they used natural sweeteners to make it sweet.

Low Carb Protein Bars Content

Usually, these protein bars only have 2-5g of net carbs, 20g-30g of protein, and 150-200 calories. Imagine? How sweet and yummy snack a protein bar can be! Others may not believe it, especially if they are not a follower of this fad diet, but, sorry to say, they really exist!

Low carb protein bars also have different flavors like chip cookie dough, peanut butter cream, creamy dark chocolate, and etc. That’s why these bars are the new fitness trend. It doesn’t make you fat! It’s convenient, especially if you’re going to the gym, or you just wanted food to bite (without guilt).

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Why Low Carb Protein Bar is Sweet?

You might be thinking how come that this bar is sweet even though it’s sugar-free. Well, we need to thank isomalto-oligosaccharides (IMO) for that. Most of the low carb protein bars nowadays are using IMO as one of their main ingredients.

IMO is the backbone if low carb protein bars, it’s a replacement for simple table sugars. It can also make the bars chewy, sweet, and yummy to eat. Besides, IMO is a certified low carb ingredient.

But for some low carb practitioner, they don’t use IMO as a substitute for sugar because as they believe it can still cause an insulin spike. Some of them use natural sweeteners like stevia, monk fruits, sucralose, and erythritol. Well, it’s up to you, as long as it doesn’t kick you out in your daily macros, then it’s fine.

Final Thoughts on Low Carb Protein Bars

Indeed, protein bars don’t make you fat because of its nutritional content. Since it’s commonly made from IMO, whey and casein protein, the chances of storing fat to your body from this food is low.

But always bear in mind that consuming too many foods even if its low carb is bad. So don’t consume this snack as much as you want! All things in the world have limitations, still, it’s best for you to control yourself from indulging too much.

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