Online STD Testing

Online STD Testing Procedure: 5 Myths You Still Believe

It’s unquestionable that STD screening is sometimes overwhelming and stigmatizing, and this has contributed to the reluctance of a majority of individuals to go for STD testing. Fortunately, online services serve to eliminate the worries and encourage people to take anonymous tests and still access the results with a day or up to a maximum of five days.

However, the procedure of online STD testing is also masked by a lot of myths. You may want to read a review of services before you proceed any further.

To ensure that you are up-to-date with online STD testing, here is a quick overview of the myths you should be aware of.

  • You Must Visit a Lab for Sample Collection

Whereas several online STD testing services request their customers to visit their labs for sample collection, this is not the only way to get your sample to reach the provider. Some providers send sample collection kits to the customers who then mail the sample to the service provider via postage paid return envelope. So, if visiting a provider’s lab gives you goosebumps, opt for the second option that allows for DIY sample collection.

  • Results May Not Be Yours

The whole aspect of mailing samples to an undisclosed location for testing brings in several reliability issues. Nonetheless, this should not get you thinking that you will obtain someone else’ results. Popular and highly reputable online tests providers emphasize on proper labeling and careful handling of samples to ensure that each customer receives the correct results.

Consequently, it’s upon you to first evaluate the customer reviews on the provider’s website and social media pages to ensure that you are working with reliable and trustworthy services.

  • No Follow-Up

This is a genuine concern among people looking to enroll for online STD testing. It may seem that online service does not provide post-test service as medical clinics do when patients test positive. Nevertheless, an excellent online test service will link you to a local, professional, and qualified doctor for treatment.

Some providers will also prescribe treatment and have your medication mailed to you. The service may be accompanied by time to time phone calls with a professional counselor. Look for a provider who is known to provide excellent support to customers even after the results are out and not a service that will leave you to sort your burdens all by yourself.

  • Online STD TestingYou Will Lose Your Personal Information to Wrong Hands

A core objective of online STD testing is to protect the privacy of test seekers. Accordingly,  providers try as much as possible to secure customer information and results. The services have password-protected databases to protect customer data from unauthorized access.

Furthermore, a provider will send you results via text or email rather than postage mailing to prevent accidental loss of sensitive information. So, as long as you seek reputable services, be sure that they have extraordinary measures to keep your data safe.

  • Can Test Cheaply With Health Insurance

It’s important to note that online STD testing services do not accept health insurance as a mode of payment. This is in line with their privacy protection policies that serve to prohibit third parties from accessing your results. Testing with insurance will compromise your data privacy to the extent of your insurance company using the information to increase your coverage.


Online STD testing frees you from the stigma and embarrassment associated with clinical screening. The provider may ask you to visit their lab or send you a kit for sample collection. So, it’s time to stop believing the above-debunked myths that could be troubling your mind for a while. It’s healthy to make wise decisions, and that can only happen if you address such misbeliefs.