Sperm Donation

Know about Myths of Sperm Donation

Sperm donation these days is not a big deal. Though there are still many constraints in the process and one needs a lot of guts to take this decision, still it is becoming more common these days. It is true that couples or single women who are unable to give birth to a child on their own but still want a baby of their own; what is the way out for them? The answer is definitely this that they will search for a sperm donator or a sperm donation bank which can be of great help.

For that, one has to make a list of sperm banks in Mumbai or other cities if they want to take help of a sperm donation bank. Though there is a common belief that there is very rare number of sperm donors available, yet it is not true. Therehave been a number of myths and wrong information and conception about sperm donation that people actually believe in. Many men live with this concept that one fine morning they can walk down to a sperm donation bank and can donate their sperm. These are laughable thoughts. There is an entire process for that and one needs to go through them to get it done.

Sperm Donation

Now what are the other myths that one believes in and immediately needs to come out of it? Here are some.

  • People believe that there is no such law and regulation regarding sperm donations and to take help from a sperm donor. This is completely a wrong idea. There is a strict government law and rules which one needs to follow when they are thinking of taking help of a sperm donor to give birth to a child. In fact, each sperm donation bank has their own sets of rules and guidelines which are needed to be followed as well.
  • Men think that sperm donation is a very simple and easy thing. They can walk into a donation banal any day and donate them as they please. People also believe that there is huge number of sperm donors doing this on a regular basis. The reality is completely different though. Research and studies say only 5 percent men walk down to the donation banks to donate their sperms. That too after going through a long and tiring process and after passing all of them. They need to provide the health recorda of their past three generations, and then, they need to go through various health tests like their sperm counts and whether they have any sexually transmitted disease or not. That is why reputed sperm donation banks are always reliable as they maintain all these things before finalizing a sperm donor.
  • Some believe that donor can claim the child later. But the donor when comes through a sperm donation bank is always anonymous. The receiver may know the genetics of the donor and his medical history but not more than that. The donors once donated their sperm, their duty is over. They cannot hold any rights after the child is born. They never have a parental right on them and that is a strict law.

There are many sperm donation centers in mumbai and one can contact them if they are delaying with infertility issues. They will provide you help, and they have proper guidelines to do that as well.