Speech cuts through all facets of communication, and its development is crucial for a child’s holistic growth and overall well-being. Of course, the first few years of your little one’s life are paramount to the development of language and speech as well as cognitive skills. It’s for this reason that it is vital to garnering an environment for your kid that’ll help to develop and enhance both language and speech skills.

Right off the bat, it is part of good parenting to look out for any sign of speech problems in your child. If indeed you suspect that your little one is experiencing a lag in speech, your top priority is to book an appointment with a speech and language pathologist. After doing an evaluation, the professional from a reputable speech therapy service in Franklin, TN, will give you a detailed report that pits your kid against general expectations for her/his age, including a recommendation in favor or against a speech therapy.

Even without the help of a speech therapy service in Franklin, TN, parents don’t need specialized training to be able to offer their little ones a chance to start life on the right foot when it comes to speech development. There are a bunch of fundamental building blocks parents can ingrain into their daily routine to help their children grow. The little things like providing time to interact with the kid and offering safe and fun environment can be indispensable for his/her speech development.


Here’s the deal: speech skills don’t just evolve on their own; they are part and parcel of a raft of social interactions, observation, play, listening, attention, manipulating things, and many other factors. It’s when all these factors come together that the child can enjoy a fully-fledged environment to grow all aspects of speech. The ideas and activities listed below are effortlessly easy and unexpectedly fun to do wherever you are with your little one. Don’t forget to cheer up your kid whenever he or she makes an attempt at communication.

  • Start off by asking your child to make consonant-vowel or vowel-like sounds like “ba”, “ma”
  • Explain to your kid what you are doing – bathing, cooking, cleaning, etc
  • Name colors for your child
  • Count things
  • Use gestures along with words – hello, goodbye, and so forth.
  • Read to your child right from the outset
  • Make sure that your speech is simple but clear for the kid to model
  • Repeat what your son or daughter says to indicate understanding
  • Always use images to make things clearer. Even better, make a picture collage of your child’s favorites things
  • Ask questions that call for choices – avoid open-ended ones
  • Expand vocabulary depending on his or her progress
  • Make use of electronics like TV, computers, tablets, and smartphones to make speech development fun.
  • Play speech-related games such as “House.”
  • Take advantage of daily routines. For instance, in leaving room name items therein – remote, furniture, flower vases, pictures, etc

Wrap-Up: These are just but a few activities recommended for a kid’s vibrant speech development. Remember you can always seek help from a reliable and certified speech therapy service in Franklin, TN.