How Varicose Vein Treatment Can Improve Your Life

Patients can get all wrapped up in understanding the details of various forms of varicose vein treatment, how long it will take to recover, if insurance will fully cover the proposed procedures, and other technical issues. However, sometimes it’s important to step back and take a look at the bigger picture. How will varicose vein treatment improve the quality of your life?

Vein doctors very often report that their patients who have undergone varicose vein treatment report an almost euphoric feeling that they did not expect! Since varicose veins can creep up on you, you may not fully notice just how bad the symptoms have actually gotten. You may not realize, for example, that your legs feel three times heavier than they used to before you had varicose veins. You may not even notice that this is the real reason you no longer like to go shopping with your daughter or kick the soccer ball around with your son.

After varicose vein treatment, you may suddenly find that your dog walks get a lot longer. It’s no longer a chore but rather an opportunity to get out and enjoy all the seasons, the budding trees in spring and the autumn leaves in fall! You may suddenly have more motivation to go walk on the beach at sunset or perhaps be more spontaneous in the more intimate parts of your life with your significant other! You may even feel more compelled to get out of favorite chair and get on with an active hobby you used to love like fixing up old cars or planting a big vegetable garden.

Varicose veins can cause dull aching pain, restless legs, heavy legs, stinging, itching, cramping, etc. These symptoms may be interfering with your sleep more than you may think. Your condition could actually be shaving off an hour or more of total sleep time without you even noticing why. These symptoms may also be affecting how deep you sleep and deeper sleep is more restorative, both mentally and physically. So, here we have another example of how varicose vein treatment may improve your life in wonderful unexpected ways. With more sleep, you’ll have been energy and may even be less cranky with your significant other, your children, and your friends.

Your neighbors may suddenly notice you’re whistling when you head out to check your mail box at the street. They may find your uplifted spirit contagious and may whistle back! They may even pass along this contagious spirit to the next neighbor over like a ripple effect! Varicose vein treatment can definitely improve one’s mood as reported often by the spouses who accompany patients to varicose vein treatment centers like Metro Vein Centers for their post treatment screenings. People who aren’t suffering from chronic pain tend to be happier more cheerful people to be around and this tends to have positive ramifications in all aspects of one’s life and maybe even the lives you touch around you.

If you have young children or grandchildren, having varicose vein treatment can radically change how you interact with them. You’ll feel more spritely and be able to do more physical activities with them after you recover from your treatment, which usually only takes a week to a few weeks. At the most, in almost all cases, recovery will only take a month. Sitting on the bleachers watching a softball game or basketball game will not be as much of a big deal after your treatment. Neither will sitting in an auditorium for an hour watching a play or music concert. In fact, you and the kids or grandkids can head out for those free concerts in the park or maybe head down to the lake for some fishing during the summertime season!

If you’re retired, you may suddenly feel like joining more clubs. There are walking clubs, bird watching clubs, sewing circles, ukulele groups, dancing clubs, geocaching groups, and so many more to choose from. It’s likely you haven’t wanted to do these activities if you are suffering from varicose veins because you lack energy and or have pain, so often without even realizing this is happening. Varicose vein treatment can change all that and give you a sudden burst of energy and positive attitude change!

If you are curious about your own potential for needing varicose vein treatment, you can call or email Metro Vein Centers and get an appointment set up right away. Don’t let anything stop you like thinking you have to go check with your general doctor first. You don’t! For varicose veins, it’s best to work with a vein specialist who has dealt with hundreds, if not thousands, of varicosevein treatment patients. They will be able to determine aspects about your condition that your general doctor cannot.

Don’t miss out on living life to the fullest due to your varicose veins. Do something about it and move on to better things!