How dangerous is Legionnaires’ disease?

We are always surrounded by several different types of bacteria around you. Some of these bacteria are very common, and not very dangerous so your immune system can easily handle them, and keeps you alive for rest of your lives. And then there are some other types of bacteria as well which are really dangerous even for your immune system. And these type of bacteria is only produced in some situations. And when these bacteria enter in your body, then they even destroy your immune system. And as a result, you start to face several harmful diseases. And Legionella is one of those bacteria which are evolved in clear water.


So it does not matter that if that water is in the river, lake, or even water tank in your house or office.Usually, these bacteria are not everywhere in the domestic area, but if it once enters then it has the ability to cause you a disease which is nearly similar to Cold and Flu. Then further these bacteria can also be found in the ice cream machines, swimming pools, fountains, and even air-conditioners. Now in order to save yourself from this deadly bacteria, you need to perform Legionella Risk Assessment. Basically, this assessment is a process which is done only by the professionals. In this process, each and every single domestic water system is being sampled and checked by water assessment companies in the UK.

Recent Rules in the UK

And if you are a business owner then it is really necessary for you to perform this assessment every now and then in your office according to the recent rules and regulation in the UK. And if you do not perform this assessment in your office, then upon complain of any of your employee you have to face some serious charges for neglecting the health of your employees. Even government will seize your property, and charge you with a heavy fine.Afterwards, you will only get your property back if it is made sure that there is no risk of Legionella in that whole building, and after paying that fine. Besides all this, it is also necessary for your own health as well because you will also use the water from the same water tank.


Then Next important thing about this risk assessment is that not everyone can do it. For this process there is a whole team of professionals is required who know their jobs really well, and they have been performing this task for many years. But if you want to perform this task by yourself, then you would surely require a proper training and knowledge about this assessment. Now the very first thing that you should know is that Legionella can be present in any type of liquid, but as for most chances you should look them in the deodorant sprays and water system in your offices and houses. These are the suitable places for Legionella Bacteria to grow and gets nourished. So you should start your assessment from here.