How can one defeat the urine drug test?

There are many ways to pass urine drug test. Lets check out how to pass urine drug test.

Utilizing Eye Drops

Just like utilizing liquid bleach in your urine sample, eye bleach option can likewise be used to get rid of all the traces from your urine sample. Mix 2 drops of eye bleach option in your urine sample prior to handing it over the drug test. Often it can be spotted, however not mainly like identifying the existence of liquid bleach, and for this reason a much better option than that.

Check out a Sauna

Checking out a Sauna can increase your body temperature triggering you to whack like anything and thus all the chemicals, and toxic substances are launched from your body through the sweat. Include this with some workouts and consuming more water prior to checking out the sauna will assist you to sweat a lot more and for this reason, more toxic substances are removed from your body in double-quick time.

Pickle Juice

It is a typical belief that you can pass the drug test quicklyby drinking large quantities of juice of pickle may eliminate the THC cells in yours urine. This needs taking in big amounts of juiceof pickle; thus most of the people integrate this approach with other strategies for much better results.


Yes, bleach can remove most of the metabolites from your urine. You ought to bring liquid bleach in a small bottle along with you, and include 2-3 drops of the liquid bleach in your urine sample, prior to handing it over for testing.


When you go through the drug test for urine, it may be possible that are any THC is not there in your urine. Taking excessive aspirin can trigger a woozy sensation; however, it will certainly assist you to pass the test.

Cranberry Juice

Another strategy that is typically used by individuals thinking of ways to clear a urine drug test is making use of cranberry juice. Although this approach will produce the wanted results, however integrating this with other drug removal strategies can assist you to ward of any dangers of getting captured how to pass urine drug test.

You can accelerate the flushing procedure of poisonous waste from your system utilizing a few of the body supplements, which are available quickly nonprescription in many supplement shops. It is suggested to take a minimum of 100 mg of creatine for 2 days prior to your test and is quite reliable in flushing or masking out the drug residues in your body.


Since vinegar is acidic, it can quickly break down your gastrointestinal system and get rid all the harmful waste from your body rapidly. Take this vinegar juice 2 days preceding your urine drug test, and your pH levels will be altered considerably.