Features to look for in the best glucometer

A glucometer is an important tool that can save life. A person suffering from diabetes has to ensure that their blood sugar levels are always maintained at normal levels. With glucometers, it is possible to check the levels of blood sugar at home easily and quickly. Best glucometer reviews can be read here.

When you are buying a glucometer, ensure that it has the following features:

The display: The results are displayed on the small display screen of the glucometer. The font size should be large enough to be clear and easily visible to everyone, even those with poor eye sight. There are those who prefer backlit display so that they are able to use even if there is no electricity.

High levels of accuracy: A glucometer has to be highly accurate otherwise the whole purpose of using one is completely lost. Some meters may be non-accurate up to 20%. You can check the accuracy of your meter by comparing it with a lab test or getting your blood checked at your doctor’s clinic.

The price: One of the important features to look at while choosing the best glucometer is the price. This will include the cost of the glucometer as well as the cost of the test strips. Incurring the expense of test strips may be unaffordable for many so it might be good to check out if your insurance will cover the expenses of test strips.

Easy to use: This is one important feature for glucometers because you are going to use it often. These meters also are used by elderly citizens and hence it must be one that is easy to hold and use. It should also be the one that requires just a little blood sample, a small  drop or so, to give you accurate results. Also, check if the machine needs calibration or not. The calibration process is to check if the code mentioned on the strips matches with the machine. If you find this a hassle, then choose one that does not require any calibration. Read the best glucometer reviews here.

The storage capacity: The internal memory is an important feature of blood glucose monitors. This memory is what will allow recording the readings. Depending on the memory power, a glucometer may be able to store up to 500 readings. The digital storage of blood sugar levels help you to note down your progress and the doctor will also find it easy to decipher how well or how badly is your diabetes level. This will ensure the right treatment as well.

Modern technology: There are modern glucometers that allow syncing with your phones or computers so that you can download the blood sugar readings. Some may need USB port while some can transfer data easily with Bluetooth. This means you do not have to fear about your past readings to get lost in case there is some error with the glucometer. You can store them safely in your phone or computer and email or message the readings to your doctor.