Heavy Periods? Exploring Women Care methods

It becomes a heck of a task to face a constant heavy bleeding followed by a series of abdominal cramps during the red days. Experiencing heavy flow during the first two days of the menstrual cycle is quite normal for every female but it becomes difficult to manage a constant heavy flow for comparatively more days. One does not need to panic, rather know how to effectively and intelligently deal with this situation. In this blog, we will be discussing some very easy women care methods to manage heavy periods with ease. Let’s explore!

Stay Hydrated!

Drinking plenty of water will help you in maintaining hydration while you are facing menses. Dehydration, in any case, will further extend the extent of heavy periods and lead to physical weakness.

Opting for Good Quality Sanitary Pads

Using good quality sanitary pads and replacing them twice to thrice a day is important to avoid the invading infections and irritability in the intimate regions. Some of the good quality sanitary pads for the best of women care include whisper extra-large pads, whisper ultra xl wings, Stayfree advanced all night, sofy sanitary pads, etc for both day and night leakage protection.

Use the correct medicines for cramps!

If you face severe abdominal cramps during periods, use ibuprofen instead of aspirin. Aspirin is usually known to extend the periods bleeding while ibuprofen reduces the loss of an excess of blood from the body. Thus, using the most appropriate medicine is a must.

Take a note!

Make a note of the onset and the end of the menstrual cycle. Also, keep a track of the level of flow and pain or discomfort faced during the menses. This information will always help you prepare for the forthcoming menses and ease your tensions.

Increase the intake of Iron

Increasing the iron content in your diet by an intake of green leafy vegetables and fruits will compensate the iron lost from the body during the menses by the formation of hemoglobin. This method is very beneficial in terms of women care as a female body is more prone to face iron deficiency.

Munching time to time

Avoid keeping your tummy hungry if your face an actual heavy flow during periods. Say a big yes to eating in between the meals and munch some light snack or healthy biscuits. This will lessen the serial abdominal cramps.

Intimate Care

Maintain a good personal and vaginal hygiene throughout the red days so as to avoid the infections and pungent smell. Use some women hygiene products including Clean and Dry Intimate Wash, V Wash Intimate Hygiene Wash etc. to keep the intimate regions clean. Also, take bath daily, change your menstrual supply from time to time and use deodorants to smell good during your menses.

Give a moist heat!

Apply the moist heat such as hot water bottle, or heating pads and pillows to deal with the abdominal cramps.

Keep yourself De-stressed

During menses, make sure you rest and keep yourself calm, composed and de-stressed. Adequate rest decreases the blood flow partially.

So, these were few easy yet useful tricks to manage the monthly red days and stay healthy at the same time. The choice of these tricks may differ from person to person.

Try them out and find the best one for you now!