Essential Fundaments to Consider Selecting a Urologist in Singapore

Vasectomy is a common surgical procedure amongst married couples. It involves the cutting or blocking of the sperm carrying scrotum to deter the flow of sperms out the male’s body to trigger pregnancy.  It’s a quick and simple surgical technique performed in ordinary clinics, doctor offices or hospitals. Agreeing on getting this procedure done is one of the most important decisions a family can make. Once you have agreed that your partner should undergo this surgical procedure, it would be crucial to identify the best urologist in Singapore.  A number of things should be considered while selecting a urologist.

Get Recommendations

As we said earlier, it’s a common procedure among most Singapore residents. That’s a sure fact that there are many married men who haveundergone this procedure. One of them may be your close friend, neighbor or even relative. All you need to do is to have a chat with some of your married close friends, relatives and neighbors and you may get several urologists to compare.

Check Online Reviews

The internet is rich in quality information about different urologists. In your hunt, you will come across multiple urologists to compare. It’s always best to check the reviews and testimonials of each urologist before you finally conclude on settling on them. Try contacting some of the patients who claim to have undergone the surgery under the supervision of the prospective urologists to extract more genuine details about their experience.

Check out their Qualifications

Once you have identified several urologists, you need to examine their qualifications. Urology is a specialty surgical procedure that requires extensive and specialized training. For someone to qualify to be a urologist, they must undergo the required training to earn the skills. They must also get certified by the responsible bodies in Singapore. Carefully examine your urologist to confirm if they have the skills and certifications required to conduct vasectomy surgical procedures.

Consult With The Urologist

Once you have confirmed everything about the reputation, experience, and qualification of certain urologists, you will then need to schedule a consultation with them. When you finally meet your preferred doctor, you need to ask all the relevant and disturbing questions. Make sure you are comfortable talking and share your problems with the doctor before you allow them to perform the vasectomy surgery on you.


Even with the popularity of vasectomy surgery, not many doctors have the qualifications to perform this surgical procedure in Singapore. It will take you many hours of research and price comparison to decide on which urologist to trust. For those who would rather opt for an experienced and reputed Singapore urologist, Sam Peh is certainly the surgeon you are in search of.  Sam Peh has the all met all the qualifications and certification required to perform vasectomy surgeries. He not only specialists on contacting surgical procedures but also treating different sorts of urinary track related male and female disorders. He earned several awards for being one of the best performing urologists in Singapore. You can reach out to him via for more information.