Signs You Should Choose Outpatient Treatment for Your Addictions

Many people assume that inpatient treatment centers offer the best chances of recovery for those struggling with an addiction. These centers require that patients live on-site and focus only on their recovery without thinking about their personal lives. When it comes to choosing the best center for you though, you may want to look at the signs that an outpatient addiction rehab in Los Angeles is better for you than an inpatient center.

You Have a Job

The most common reason why addicts choose outpatient treatment centers in Los Angeles is that they have full-time jobs. Even if you have an understanding employer and an insurance plan that will cover your treatment, you might not want to take a week or more off work, especially if it is unpaid time off. Outpatient centers only require that you come in a few times a week for meetings and therapy sessions. You can do anything you want the rest of the week. This gives you plenty of time to spend at work and finishing tasks for your employer.

Personal Commitments

You may develop an addiction because you feel stressed in your personal life due to a sick loved one. If you have a family member struggling with a serious medical condition, you might not want to check into an inpatient center because it will take time away from that loved one. This can include a parent diagnosed with cancer or a spouse or child with heart problems. Outpatient centers give you all the time that you need for your family. You can take care of your personal commitments and still make it to the center in time for your next meeting.

Solid Support System

Counselors often recommend that those without a strong support system opt for inpatient treatment. An old adage says that it takes a village to raise a child, but it also takes a village to recover from an addiction. Loved ones can offer quite a bit of support and keep addicts from making potentially dangerous choices. If you do not have a solid support system of friends and families at home, you might choose an inpatient rehab center. When you have loved ones willing to help you and work with you on your road to recovery, you’ll prefer an outpatient center that lets you spend more time with them.

Therapy Choices

What is outpatient addiction treatment is a question that many people ask when they start looking at treatment centers and programs. This is a type of center that lets you come and go as you need but requires that you come back regularly for meetings and therapy sessions. These centers offer a number of therapy options and choices that you can choose from based on what you think will work for you. You might sign up for individual sessions between you and one licensed counselor, but you might opt for group sessions that allow you to talk about your needs with others.

Sleep Patterns

The mere thought of entering an inpatient treatment program is impossible for some because they have such unique sleep patterns and schedules. Let’s say that you are a night owl and prefer staying up until four or five in the morning and sleeping until noon or later. As you need to change your schedule to fit the schedule of the center, you might feel stressed and tired, which will keep you from focusing on your recovery. Outpatient centers often offer a range of classes and sessions at different times of the day that will fit your schedule.

You Want More Support

Do you worry that watching you go through your addiction will change the way your loved ones feel about you? Maybe you think that they will take a step back and avoid spending time with you because of the things they saw you do in the past. An outpatient treatment center can provide you with all the support that you need and give you some tips on making amends to your friends and family. You’ll get all the support that will help you recover from your addiction and become a stronger person.

One of the most important decisions that you need to make when choosing an addiction recovery center is whether an inpatient or an outpatient program is right for you. You can look at these signs to get an idea of whether an outpatient center can help you as you recover and move forward with your life.