Doctor Sergio Cortes and Brazil health industry

People of Brazil would have known about Doctor Sergio Cortes. He is a famous doctor in Brazil who has patients even from different parts of the world. The most interesting fact is the contribution of Doctor Sergio is considered to be endless in the health department of Brazil. He holds a degree in Hip Surgeon and has more experience in this field. As the executive officer of the health department of Brazil he managed the department and helped in generating better revenue to the nation. And currently he is the secretary of Brazil health department.

The man of dedication

It can be said that all the growth of this Doctor was made possible only because of his dedication towards his job. And this is the main reason for why president-elect Rousseff granted him the promotion recently. He is also announced as the next health minister of Brazil. The other important quality which adds to his credit is his team spirit. Doctor Sergio always showed attention in working with the team. His team spirit not only takes him to the next level but also the people who are working with him get motivated to a greater extent. He has also worked with the medical experts from different parts of the world in order to bring a better development in the medical industry.

Recent publication

The recent publication of Doctor Sergio is regarding back pain. In this publication he has formulated the right way to curb back pain. He has explained about different type of postures that can help a person to get rid of back pain easily. In addition to the posture he has also explained the importance of each and every posture mentioned in his publication. Since back pain in many cases is caused because of improper posture, this publication will act as the best guide for all the people who are suffering from severe back pain.


In addition to this, he has also stated suggestions on daily workouts. As he is an experienced surgeon, he has also mentioned the ways to boost the spine muscles. Doctor Sergio conducted various sessions in order to make the people aware of the postures which are to be maintained in daily lifestyle. Along with these features, the importance and need for yoga in daily lifestyle is also proposed in this publication.

Recognition in health industry

Because of various publications, dedication and hard work, Doctor Sergio Cortes has influenced the medical industry to a greater extent. Most of his sessions include yoga, workouts and swimming. This is because these factors are more important for maintaining the body posture. The victims who are suffering from improper postures and other related issues can make use of his sessions to find a better solution to their problem. The most interesting fact about his work is, all his work was high recognized by the world health organization. People who are interested in knowing his work, sessions and publications can refer his online website.