Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy works on science. Various studies have pointed out the therapeutic effects of massage.  It manipulates soft tissues in such a way that its functions are normalized and they work normally. The stiffness of muscles and tendons is removed by applying pressure, either fixed or movable, on the affected areas so as to relax the body and mind. The Massage Therapy Toronto therapist uses his or her hands for massaging but elbows or forearms are also used to deliver the required pressure.

The main benefits of massage therapy are:

Relieve stress: Massage therapy can be of huge help in reducing stress.  Studies have showed that a good massage can actually relax your muscles by releasing serotonin and dopamine. One of the best benefits that massage therapy can bring about is stress relief. There have been clinical studies that have proven that regular massages can increase the health of your heart and even lower insulin levels.

Better blood circulation: As muscles loose, tendons allow better blood circulation. When blood circulation is enhanced, it can bring about lot of positive benefits to health. It can also manage pain better, energize your body and facilitate better functioning of different systems of your body.

Pain relief: People who suffer from chronic back pain and other muscular pain can benefit considerably from massage therapy. A trained therapist will be able to find the exact source of the pain and help you get rid of the pain effectively through specific massages.

Sleep improvement: Massage Therapy Toronto can help in insomnia as well. As muscles loosen up and relax, your body and mind is relaxed, thereby inducing sleep. It will thus help you sleep peacefully with a relaxed body and mind.

A perfect therapy for professionals: Today, most of the people work on computers for long sitting at one place for hours. The result is that their muscles become stiff in the long run. If unattended, there might be a time when they will not be able to move their hands or legs. A massage therapy once in a while can be of help in relaxing muscles and removing the stiffness thereby enhancing the flexibility of the muscles. This will help the body achieve the optimum movements.

Toxic removal: A good massage has the ability to stimulate the soft tissues in the body which in turn allows faster and better toxic elimination through the lymphatic systems.

Immunity becomes better: Massage therapy can stimulate your lymph nodes which is responsible for the immunity function of the body.  

Fatigue removal: If you feel tired all the time, then you should visit a massage therapist because it can help in rejuvenating muscles and enhancing blood circulation which in turn can make you feel recharged, thus removing fatigue.

It is a part of rehabilitation process: Massage therapy is highly effective to help in the rehabilitation process especially after a surgery or injury, especially for sportspersons. Massage therapy is also beneficial for stroke patients.

It can help both adults and children: Massage therapy can be beneficial to children as well as adults. The process may be different but the results are as great.