Activated charcoal capsule – ideal companion for your beauty and travel needs

There has been lots of talks and discussions on activated charcoal lately. Do not confuse it with the charcoal used in the barbecue or the remains in the fireplace. Activated charcoal is obtained from burning organic matters like coal, coconut shells, wood etc. in absence of oxygen at extremely high temperatures. The charcoal is further processed for ‘activating’ the same. Activate charcoal comes with porous surface and this feature helps in acting like a magnet. The ingredient binds with toxic chemicals and components and helps in filtering them out. Interestingly, the ingredient by itself does not get absorbed by the digestive tract. The most common kind in which activated charcoal is consumed is in the form of activated charcoal capsule.

How activated charcoal supplements are beneficial during travel?

Traveling is a hobby for some people; while for others it is a part of their profession. Whatever be the purpose of traveling, it is important to carry one item always – activated charcoal supplements, which can be in the form of powder, capsule, tablet etc. You might take all kinds of precautions while traveling – eat with caution, drink only bottled water, avoid street food and so on, but still stomach upset takes place. Getting a doctor might not always be feasible in a new place. In such situations, activated charcoal supplements are of great help.

There are many activated charcoal capsule manufacturers from where you can purchase these supplements. The main function of the supplement is to absorb toxins and harmful components. Minor gastrointestinal issues can be handled easily with this supplement. While passing through the GI tract, the activated charcoal supplement absorbs the toxins and makes them pass out of the body easily. However, for serious cases, you might need to visit a doctor. The supplement works wonderfully for gastrointestinal issues like flatulence, diarrhea, digestive distress or any kind of food poisoning. The capsules or tablets are tasteless and odorless.

Not very expensive, these supplements have shown to bring in great results for getting rid of stomach bugs.

Activated charcoal for better skin and beauty

Activated charcoal is being extensively used in beauty and wellness industry. The highly porous nature of this natural ingredient binds to harmful chemicals and toxins and helps in its elimination from the system. Apart from being used in beauty and skincare products, activated charcoal supplements can be used in the following situations as well:

  • After consuming some kind of binge and problem foods–It has been seen that various kinds of oily, starchy and junk foods can lead to rashes, flare-ups, inflammation and other kinds of skin issues. Activated charcoal supplements can help in mopping the bacterial endotoxin. These are actually toxins, which are created by bacteria present in the gut. Whenever one eats something and it does not get digested easily and causes irritation in the intestine, the bacteria increase in number. Levels of endotoxin also surge up when one consumes fermentable carbohydrates as bacteria get food supply from such things. High levels of endotoxin has extremely negative effects on skin and signs of aging start appearing. Activated charcoal supplements can help in avoiding endotoxin triggers in the system.
  • While drinking alcohol –There are many people for whom alcohol does not suit well, but still they drink. The skin looks dehydrated and dull and pimple and acne breakouts are also common. One way to deal with this problem is by consuming activated charcoal supplement in the form of powder, capsule or tablet within few hours after consuming alcohol. This will not only reduce hangover symptoms, but also keep the skin fresh and fine and hydrated.
  • While getting sick–Cold and flu infections are quite common and one can understand when the infection is coming. With activated charcoal supplements it is possible to stop the infection on getting into the system. Take the supplements right when the first signs start appearing and you can be saved.

The list of activated charcoal capsule suppliers is a long one. Choose the one who is not only reliable and trustworthy, but also offer the products at the best rates.