Diagnostic center with PET and CT scan facilities in Mumbai

Radioactive rays and their utility

Radioactive rays and the radioactivity produced by them are very dangerous to all life forms. Radioactive rays are the main reason of the different sorts of mutation that can happen in the human body. Every function of the human body is composed of genes. Therefore genes are the functional unit of human body. For each and every function each and every genes are present. Which defines the specificity of the gene towards the particularity of the function. Mutation of a particular gene can cause a lot problems together. Mutation can be the reason of millions of problems that might happens within a human body. One of the prime example of mutation effect is cancer and it is the one of the deadliest disease with no possible solution to it. Thus it is always suggested to avoid any source that emit radioactive rays. However doctors and the researcher has found a new method to use this radioactive rays and their radioactivity in the most productive way. The radioactive rays and their radioactivity is used in a very much controlled amount for the treatment and also for the detection of various medical problems.


PET also called as Positron Emission Tomography is primarily a test that is used for the imaging of different tissues and organs to see their functioning. For the working of PET, a tracer molecule that is a molecule that will help in detecting the problem occurring in a particular organ or the tissue. Tracer molecule detects the abnormal chemical activity in the body which corresponds to the diseased region of the body. PET scan thus brightens the spot of those areas properly. It helps in the detection of a variety of diseases like cancers, brain disorders, heart problems and many more. A fully automatized system PET can gives us the information of many regions that remains to be uncovered using other scanning techniques like MRI ( Magnetic Resonance Imaging ) or CT scan otherwise called as Computed Tomographic scan. However PET scan can be used in combination with other technique for better imaging and detection purpose. For example CT scan and PET (CT-PET) is very commonly used for better detection of the problem.

CT scan

On the other hand the CT scan or aptly called as Computed Tomographic scan is another imaging technique used by the doctors for the detection purpose. It is a fully automatized technique that uses X-rays for the viewing the cross-sectional images of the area where the problem is present, as predicted by the doctor. These scanning techniques are very much fast and accurate and painless too. Its detection efficiency is so much fast that sometimes it can detect injuries present in the body very quickly thus saving a life too.

Centers with proper facility

PET-CT together has done wonders in detecting many problems in a most efficient way that the each of the technique individually cannot pull out. Best PET CT Scan Centre in Mumbai are present, with good technicians and doctors where proper detection of the problem occurs efficiently.

Utility of Diagnostic Test

Diagnostic tests are very much important for the treatment. They may be costly however they will give good results that might be very much helpful for the doctors and so that the patients gets properly treated.