Why Should You Choose Dental Implants Over a Bridge?

Innovations in dentistry during the last few decades have created a wide range of treatment options, making it easier to preserve our natural teeth than ever before. However, in some cases, a tooth may be decayed that extraction is the only solution to perverse the health of the rest of the teeth.

For years, bridges and dentures were the only solutions for missing teeth. Full dentures can replace a full arch of missing teeth, while partial dentures and dental bridges fill one or several gaps. However, each treatment has several limitations. The dental implants cost Melbourne is affordable, and they resolve many of these issues and are a most effective alternative to bridges and dentures.

What is the Difference Between a Dental Implant and Bridge?

Dental Implant:

A small titanium screw is positioned in the jawbone at the place of the tooth which is missing. The titanium screw ties with the tissue’s bonewhich willgenerateannon-natural root on top of which an support and later an artificial tooth are placed.

Dental Bridge: 

The tops are fitted onto your teeth on both side of the empty place. Later the crowns are used to create a bond that gripsanon-natural tooth. The hole is enclosed, but the artificial tooth is not secure to the jaw.

Drawbacks of dental bridges:

Replacing missing tooth with dental bridges can undermine the strength of the entire arch and leads to bone deterioration. Also, they lead you into a cycle of dental treatments. It means you have to sit through multiple procedures and pay an additional cost of ongoing care. Dental implants do not have these concerns. The dental implants Melbourne can provide new tooth roots and natural-looking crowns that feel and function like natural teeth.

What are the advantages of dental implants?

The cheap dental implants in Melbourne are becoming an increasingly popular solution over bridges because of their following benefits:


The dental implants cost in Melbourne is economical, and they are one of the most robust restorative solutions in dentistry today. This is because the titanium screw fuses to the jawbone which creates an ultra-strong foundation for the prosthetic tooth.

Dentures are fragile and can be easily broken if dropped. Even though bridges are a permanent solution, excessive force on them can cause the abutment teeth to come under strain and puts them at the risk of fracturing and even falling out.


Dental implants once they are fitted, they behave like natural teeth, and you can brush, floss and care for them in the same way. They do not slip like dental bridges and are extremely discreet.

Functions like natural teeth:

Many patients state that dental implants are so convincing that no one knows that they are an artificial tooth. It provides the closest possible aesthetic resemblance to natural teeth.

Preserves the strength of jaw-bone:

Dental implants promote healthy bone growth and reinforce your jawbone.