Why choose IPL to remove your excess hair?

Even before the pandemic hits it already exists, the intense pulse light or known as IPL hair removal. This is easier for you to remove unwanted hair from your body. Everything is now easier because there is technology that can help you to have beauty treatments. There are other hair removal processes that you can have. But this IPL hair removal has the best underarms whitening treatment available in Singapore.


The shaving process gets rid of the visible hair for three days with this bladed tool which is known as a razor. When you shave your hair it quickly grows back so you have to do the process again many times in a week. That is where you need to lengthen your time and patience.


Plucking is using tweezers to get rid of the hair strands from its follicle. That means you can be hairless within a few weeks. Everyone is familiar with this type of process but not for all. There are some people who think that pulling the hair can be time-consuming and distressing.

has the best underarms whitening treatment available in Singapore.

Depilatory cream

This is a cream that softens the hair from the root which causes it to break the keratin form. This can last for a couple of weeks. When you’re looking for fast, painless, and easy-to-remove hair you can use this cream. You have to be careful of using these chemicals because they can sometimes be strong and it can cause your skin to irritate.


When this process is done properly it can remove the hair from its roots and stop growing for a few weeks. You can do this process by yourself or visit a salon. You need to grow your hair an inch or so it can properly be removed while you wax it. Other people find this method painful.

Laser treatment

The laser treatments are using light pulses to prick in the skin and destroy its hair follicles. This process is effective as it lessens and slows down hair growth although the price can be expensive. The per session of this treatment can be expensive but it is worth the price.

IPL hair removal

Using this IPL hair removal wears out the hair follicle. And within a couple of sessions, you will notice that it has less growth in that area. The difference between a laser and the IPL is it is gentler compared to a laser. You can have this device in your home or seek a professional. Arguably, Only Aesthetics has the best underarms whitening treatment available in Singapore.