What To Expect When Seeing A Dentist For Getting Braces

Anxiousness, before going to the dentist to get braces on your teeth, is common. After all, you are going to have them for a long time, and you can’t get them removed in the middle of your treatment. So to let you know what you should expect while going to get your braces treatment from a Chelmsford dentist, here we all have an overview of the treatment process for you.

Placement Day

Most of the discomfort you are going to experience will be on the day of placement of your braces, but it won’t be anything you can’t handle. Because of the placement of braces, wires, and/or expanders, and roots of the teeth do get hurt and make you feel a little painful.

After the placement, it is a bit cumbersome to chew and especially if the foods are hard or crusty. Thus, you will be required to have soft and easy to chew food or a liquid-based diet for the first day. Sensitivity might also increase for some time. But again, your Chelmsford dentist is one with expertise, he will make sure that you have minimum discomfort by using state of the art tools and handling the whole business of placement with his smoothness.

A Few Days After Placement

The discomfort of the first day of placement of braces will gradually fade away and you will realize that you’re eating has become a bit easier. There will be some discomfort though, as the teeth and cheeks have not become used to the pressure of wires, ties or brackets. To get some relief you can apply wax/silicone on your braces as it protects the inner cheeks and lips from irritation by creating a smooth layer over the braces. If you’re experiencing more pain than you can bear, you may take some over-the-counter medication like ibuprofen.

The best way to relieve yourself of the soreness and pain is to rinse the mouth with salt water about three times a day.

A Week After Placement

A week after the placement of braces you will notice that most of the discomfort would have been alleviated as the cheeks and lips start getting used to the wires and braces placed within. Though eating will become a lot easier you should still avoid eating certain hard food items. Get a list of foods that are considered to be brace breakers from the dentist you’re seeing in Chelmsford.


You will have regular appointments with your Chelmsford dentist throughout your treatment where he will make adjustments of the braces and monitor the progress of the treatment. There will be some discomfort for a few days after each appointment but it will be very slight as there will be activations each time to get the teeth properly aligned.

There are several remedies that you can adopt to ease the course of your orthodontic treatment such as rigorously rinsing with warm salt-water, taking OTC medications, chewing gums. Ensuring hygiene is also a must since calculus deposit can create hindrance in the treatment.