Increase Breast Milk Supply

What To Eat To Increase Breast Milk Supply.

Our eating habits have an immense impact on our bodies and mind. To satisfy our taste buds we have a lot of junk, fried and street foods which may affect us in the long run. But when it comes to pregnancy and parenting we have to be mindful of what we eat. The baby inside requires all the vitamins and significant minerals from our bodies for its growth and development. After the baby’s birth, the only source of food is the mother’s milk. So the next question that comes to your mind is food for lactating mother

Some people may suggest protein powders for lactating mothers to increase their breast milk supply which may not be a good idea. Healthy food will lead to an increase in the breast milk supply. You can make a diet chart of what to eat and how much to eat. Since you have to supply two to three liters of milk per day to your growing child it is vital to keep yourself hydrated and have good dietary food. Let us discuss about the tips to increase breast milk.

food for lactating mother

Things to note down

  • Eat a mixed variety of food that contains proteins, fiber multivitamins wherein you get all the required aspects to your body.
  • Drink a lot of water while breastfeeding as your body needs to be hydrated.
  • Include a lot of grains and pulses in your diet chart.
  • Have dairy products like ghee and butter occasionally.
  • Also, include dry fruits almonds, walnuts, and dates.

These are the things you are supposed to include in your food when you are a lactating mom. You must avoid dishes that are very salty or spicy because this may directly affect the quality of milk.


The hormonal changes in the human body help to produce milk for the baby which further helps in breastfeeding it. So maintaining a balance of all this nutritious and healthy food is vital.

The nursing mother should always be sure they have food regularly and do not skip meals. Regularly note down what you are eating and be mindful. Some foods you always have to control even though it may be difficult for a year or so it is required for your baby’s health and growth. As much as possible eat homemade food to avoid any kinds of problems for your baby.