Top tips for the prevention of blackheads

Blackheads can be a common occurrence for everyone, but that doesn’t mean we need to tolerate them. The reality is that in today’s world, there are lots of tricks and products available to help prevent blackheads. Below we discuss some of the top prevention methods for blackhead removal.


What are blackheads?

Blackheads are simply pores on our skin that are clogged with excess oil and dead skin cells. When the resulting spot or pimple is exposed to the air, the plug of oil and dead skin that’s present is called a blackhead. They are considered a mild form of acne and are usually found on the face but can also be on the chest, shoulders and back.

Top tips to prevent blackheads

Follow these top tips to prevent the breakout of blackheads.

1. Avoid excess oil on your skin by choosing products that are water-based or oil-free. Opt for moisturisers and make-up that’s labelled as being ‘non-comedogenic’ as this will mean it’s unlikely to cause both whiteheads and blackheads.

2. People often think that blackheads are due to poor washing, and whilst this isn’t actually the case, it’s still always a good idea to keep your skin clean to help with prevention. Try washing the affected area of your face with a gentle cleanser or mild soap and water. Do not scrub your face as the scrubbing action can actually irritate the skin and inflame the blackheads.

3. Use a gentle cleansing exfoliant and mask as part of your skincare routine. These often contain salicylic acid in the correct level that results in an extremely mild peeling agent. These types of products help remove the outer layer of skin and open the pores. Try using an anti-blackhead face mask too, as these will also contain the correct ingredients to help prevent blackheads as well as removing them when they do appear.

4. Whilst there is little evidence that a bad diet or smoking results in a higher risk of blackheads, it’s always a good idea to not smoke and eat healthy to improve the overall look of your skin. If you do eat unhealthily, it usually shows on your face and skin.

Top tips to remove blackheads

If you’ve already got some blackheads, then use these tips to help aid removal.

Pore strips and face masks

You often find these are mostly for the T-zone area on your face.

You place these products over the area of your face that has blackheads and stick them down. After a few minutes, you remove and the idea is that they can remove dirt, oil and unclog your pores and blackheads. You will be able to see what’s been removed as it’s visible on the mask or pore strip. Clay masks are also an effective choice because the skin gets to absorb all the minerals while simultaneously drawing out the blackhead.

A professional treatment

If you would rather a professional remove your blackheads (and an excuse for a facial pamper!), then a professional facial may be a great idea. A qualified beautician will use a gentle exfoliation product to thoroughly clean your skin before removing blackheads. They also have the advantage of sterile equipment, magnifying mirrors and bright lights.

Follow these tips to completely eliminate blackheads from your life!