This Is Why The DASH Diet Is So Famous!

Since its introduction, the DASH diet has made a steadily growing fan base. Doctors are recommending it more and the interwebs are brimming with information on the diet. But why is it so famous? It’s just another diet, right? Well, that is where you are wrong. The DASH diet is more than just another diet and this is why it is growing more famous by the day.

Effective Hypertension prevention and management

No other diet in history has had as successful a result when it comes to preventing and managing high blood pressure as the DASH diet has. Tailored specifically to cater for hypertension prevention, reduction, and management, the diet addresses the underlying cause of high blood pressure and provides and all-rounded fix. By reducing one’s sodium intake, you effectively reduce the amount of fluid building up inside the body, which has been shown to be a causative factor for high blood pressure.

Effective weight loss

Though it wasn’t initially intended to be a weight-loss diet, a welcome benefit of the DASH diet is that it is very effective when it comes to weight loss. While the diet is not too big on calorie reduction, its emphasis on nutrients over calories guarantees weight loss. A balanced and wholesome nutrient intake also means that there is less cholesterol build up in the body. This, in turn, limits one’s susceptibility to cholesterol-associated illnesses such as cardiovascular diseases, obesity, etc.

Anyone can get on the DASH diet

With most other diets, there are strict restrictions about who qualifies and who doesn’t. With such limitations, access to the benefits that a diet has to offer is limited to a select few. That, however, is not the case when it comes to the DASH diet. Anyone can get on the diet regardless of age, health condition or any other factor. It is a healthy diet with far-reaching benefits and they are accessible to anyone brave enough to start the diet.

It’s a fun diet

While most other diets are busy taking the fun out of most meals and life in general, the DASH diet is playfully daring. How many other diets do you know of that allow the eating of sweets or the drinking of alcohol? Technically, as long as it is done within the recommended parameters, the DASH diet allows for some level of fun with a tiny side of risk, which in hindsight is the essence of living.


All the benefits of the DASH diet are yet to be fully realized and as they keep surfacing, more people will get on the diet. It is famous for its effectiveness, success rate, benefits and approach to life and it might change the perception that people have of diets.