Should parents help kids in brushing their teeth on a daily basis?

In order to create awareness about the importance of focusing on child’s oral health, the month of February is referred as National Children’s Dental Health Month in several countries. Spreading awareness about dental care for kids has become extremely important because one in every three kids from age group two to five may suffer from tooth decay according to multiple studies.

Parents need to set the right example

Haslett, Michigan-based pediatric dentist-Dr. Melissa Morrow recently interacted with journalists and shared her opinion on this matter. She stressed on the point that parents need to set the right habit first, they need to brush their own teeth on time in order to urge their kids to follow them.

She also said that parents should consider wiping their child’s mouth with a clean cloth until the teeth start developing. Once the kid is young enough, parents should make sure that they help their kid to brush his/her teeth twice every day.

Parents need to help kids in brushing their teeth until they develop skills to do the job in the right way on their own. This happens once the kid becomes six years old.

“Child’s mouth is not much different from an adult’s; the only difference is its size. Kids can also face issues like gum diseases, tooth decay, gingivitis,” said Morrow.

Unfortunately, many parents do not even realize that their kid is suffering from tooth decay as the child cannot communicate the same in young age.

Morrow suggests that such kids might simply stop eating due to the tooth pain that they experience while eating.

Once your kid is two years old, start taking him/her at North Finchley Dentist clinic for examining all the teeth at least once in every six months.

Teach kids to stay away from sugary stuff since early age

People around the world consume junk food items and drinks that are laden with starches as well as sugar in large quantities these days. Believe it or not, but an average teenage kid in a developed country consumes 81 gallons of sugary drinks every year. Such drinks and snacks can ruin an individual’s teeth at a very young age.

Enamel on teeth start getting damaged due to bacteria that are supported by sugary food particles. Thus, parents need to be extremely cautious about children’s diet.

Consuming food items that offer minimum nutritional value can trigger tooth decay, especially, among those kids who love grazing habitually on sugary items.

Such items can be consumed during meals and they won’t cause much harm because saliva production is high while eating meals and this saliva helps in neutralizing acid that helps bacteria growth.

Reducing the number of snacking sessions, replacing unhealthy stuff with nutritional foods along with low-fat milk can prove to be of great help. If kids love chewing gum, give them sugar-free chewing gums.

Remember, kids can start losing their baby teeth once they turn six years of age. According to Dr. Melissa Morrow, these teeth can be maintained for a longer period of time, at least until the kid turns 11. Proper brushing and eating habits can easily help in doing so.