Rowsley Limited of Singapore Will Purchase Healthcare Assets Totaling S$1.9 Billion Dollars

Rowsley Limited is a Singapore company which is listed on the main board. On the 18th of July, this company made an announcement which detailed plans for expansion into the niche of healthcare. The announcement coincided with the company’s purchase of assets for healthcare of one of the company’s key stakeholders. The stakeholder’s name is Lim Eng Hock and the value of the healthcare assets is 1.4 billion American dollars.

Rowsley Limited is a real estate firm which is multi-disciplinary. It does business in an array of niches, including development of real estate, hospitality, engineering and design. The purchase/sales agreement for this big buy should be finished within sixty days.

This acquisition classifies as an “all share” deal for one hundred percent of a company known as Thomson Medical Pte Limited. As well, it features a purchase of a seventy percent stake in TMCLS, which is a life sciences company which operates in Bursa, Malaysia.

Singapore relies on Thomson Medical for much of its healthcare services for kids and women. TMCLS is a healthcare firm which is centered on delivering services via its main hospital, Tropicana Medical Centre.

This new acquisition will feature financing via new share issues. Each share will cost .075 Singapore dollars.

This Purchase Brings New Opportunities

The acquisition will allow Rowsley Limited to take controlling stakes in a couple of important healthcare companies that operate in Malaysia and Singapore. It’s about accessing a new business opportunity which brings a lot of opportunities for expansion in the future.

The healthcare market is massive and it’s always growing. The population is aging and now needs access to more healthcare services than ever before. Demographics show that many people in Singapore are Baby Boomers who will need specialized healthcare in the future, if they don’t need it now.

As well, increasing birth rates is a goal in Singapore and more births mean more healthcare services needs. Also, the population is living longer, so healthcare services will be in demand in order to meet the needs of very old people.

Clearly, Rowsley Limited has done tons of market research and found healthcare assets which are the most promising in terms of delivering profits and growth in the future. Rowsley is aggressively moving towards expansion and has chosen a niche which displays steady and predictable growth. This growth is expected to accelerate in the future.

Business in Singapore is Booming

Now is the right time to do business in Singapore. The island city-state offers a business climate which is very attractive to start-up entrepreneurs, as well as established companies like Rowsley Limited. Reasonable business tax laws, good real estate values and a low crime rate make Singapore very appealing. It’s becoming one of the global hot spots for fintech and it’s also beginning to attract more offshore investment.

Now is the right time to invest in Singapore, whether you live in another country or are a Singaporean yourself. Also, if you access healthcare services in Singapore, you’ll be pleased to know that Rowsley Limited will be putting lots of time and effort into offering you the high-quality services that you need.

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