Repair of dental handpieces using ceramic bearings

Repair of dental handpieces using ceramic bearings

Now that the ceramic bearings have been around for several years, I would like to share some observations about their maintenance.

Initially, the ceramic bearings were sold to a specialist in the repair of hand pieces, since they did not need lubrication because they were pre-lubricated and sealed. Because of this, we sold them to you as lubrication bearings.

They last longer than the stainless steel bearings used in the past. However, most sealed ceramic bearings, which I see when repaired, run for one to six months.

Example: I have a client who does not lubricate his hands.

With the stainless steel bearings, dental handpiece repair will last between four and six weeks. After transferring them to ceramic bearings, their service life increased from six to seven months. However, this can vary greatly depending on the brand and use.

dental handpiece repair

These customers get much more time between adjustments using the same bearings and the same drills. It seems that it is better to introduce three or four drops of hand oil in the air hole and one or two drops in the cartridge. Then operate the knob until all the oil has been removed. Then sterilize and then lubricate it again before storing it.

It’s just a little more work, but if you can cut your recovery costs in half, it’s worth it. I recommend this procedure to all my clients.

I have some thoughts on why.

When inspecting bearings that fail prematurely, I found that the bearing seal is slightly deformed, which allows the lubricant to come loose. The sealing ring on the head of the handle is hard and sometimes allows air to pass through. Is it possible that the air pressure is adjusted to compensate for the defective seal ring on the handle?

If so, this explains why the bearings are cut in the inner ring in just six weeks. The air pressure should be 32 psi, and above it will destroy the bearings.

The lubrication of the handle as described above will maintain the flexible sealing rings and ensure the correct seal. In addition, drills using clamps and washers will be kept clean. The mandrel and the impeller will run more smoothly, which will cause less stress on the bearings. In addition, if the seal is still deformed, grease can enter the bearings, extending its life.

This question has been asked to me.

“Why did the training last more than a year when it was new and recovery did not?” Good question.

The answer is:

If you go to the manufacturer and buy the original turbine, you will pay dearly. This is because the original bearings are of excellent quality and are manufactured in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.