Low-Risk Steroid for Women

Low-Risk Steroid for Women

Like men, women also participate in body building competitions and other athletic sports. It is the desire of every man and woman to reach the top and to achieve this, they try many things. One that is guaranteed to give the best result is steroids. However, like men, they can’t just go and try any steroid as they are very much susceptible to side effects. In fact, women are given low doses to start with and are monitored for side effects. If the body is able to cope up with the drug, then they continue to use it. On a cautionary note, they shall have some side effects, but they can be controlled easily by keeping a careful watch on the dose and usage.

Growth with Anavar

This is an Androgenic Anabolic steroid whose hormonal name is Oxandrolone. This orally active steroid is a 17-alpha methylated derivate of Dihydrotestosterone. Originally it is used to treat patients who are short-statured, turner syndrome, severe burns, angioedema, hypogonadism and alcoholic hepatitis. When the drug is taken, it promotes thegrowth of cells in general and increases bone density in these patients. The non-medical use of the drug is found favor in body builders, both men and women. Since the drug exhibits more anabolic qualities than androgenic, this is the favorite among women athletes because the drug exhibits lower androgenecity in them. This means that the drug helps them to maintain the feminine characteristics and not turn them into amale.

Low-Risk Steroid for Women

Side Effects in Women

Though the drug can be used by both men and women and shows the same kind of side effects, women, when given low doses, can overcome some of the severe side effects. In order to understand the side effects, one should understand the pharmacology of the drug in the body. After passing through the liver without much damage, it binds to the androgen receptors in the body. This effectively increases the protein synthesis and this, in turn, builds up lean body mass and bone density. These are the qualities body builders are looking for. Once the muscle is developed, then toning the muscle in a gym becomes easy. However, even the small amount of androgen in the body increases the chances of acquiring male characteristics like hardened voice, hair growth, virilization, menstrual changes and acne at high doses. Hence it is important to monitor the dosage at regular intervals.

Proper Use

In order to limit the side effects, women are recommended to take the drug in small quantities twice a day after meal. Since the drug’s half-life is about 8-10 hours only, this way they can split the dose and minimize the effect. Along with this, ahealthy and nutritious diet rich in protein will go a long way. The drug may produce lower androgenecity compared to other steroids, it doesn’t mean one can use it continuously. The drug works better taken in cycles, like 4 weeks on and 4 weeks off so that the body adjusts itself to the drug. This drug may give the user the make or break they are looking for if taken in a responsible way.